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Koh Samui

Koh Samui, an island surrounded by greenery of eternal summer, is the best place to stay for a short winter and for a long-term residence.

Arriving there on your own, without a tour operator, you get a unique opportunity to fully immerse into the mysterious and fascinating world of the beautiful islands of the Gulf of Siam.

And eventually you'll realize that the "best season" here is all the year around. Because although the weather on Samui changes during the year, it is always great for a good holiday. However, many come here not just for the sun and the sea, but for the overall atmosphere of tranquility and friendliness of Koh Samui.

Reaching the island is easy: First you need to get to the capital of Thailand - Bangkok. Any of the 18 airlines will gladly take you there. Koh Samui awaits you, and there many ways to get there: a direct flight, plane + ferry, bus + ferry or train and ferry.

Getting around the island is fairly easy not only on foot but also using a cheap songtheo (most people call it "tuk-tuk," although this name is not quite correct) or using rather expensive by the Thai standards taxis. You can also rent a motorbike or a car with our help (you won't have to leave your passport as a deposit).

Now that you are free to drive around the island it is easy to find your own beach that you will enjoy the most. Will it be a lonely Ban Tai, a bustling Chaweng or a calm Maenam, or maybe something else, because there are so many beaches to choose from (we have found and described for you all the 25 beaches on the island) - the choice is yours.

On the beach besides getting a perfectly chocolate tan you can also arrange a luxury or a rather modest wedding. If you want something more exotic than a simple wedding in the tropics - we are offering an unforgettable Buddhist wedding ceremony. Or you can just order a photo or video shoot of yourself or your loved ones at the most beautiful places on the island.

You can stay at a hotel, villa, apartment or in one of the houses for rent - our data base of houses for rent on Koh Samui is huge! We replenish it several times a years, and we never stop looking for something new and interesting.

While visiting the attractions of the island do not forget to visit such places as Paradise Park Farm, Aquarium Tiger Zoo, Big Buddha, Plai Laem, the waterfalls ... It will be interesting not only for adults but also for children for whom there will be a special entertainment program. By the way, in addition to the well-known "night time entertaining program for adults", which sometimes is the main reason for visiting Thailand for so many adults, there are other things to do: sports, sightseeing and other exciting activities which we will cover in the "Samui News" categegory.

We know everything about Koh Samui. We live here.

And we share with you all that what we know: visa regulations, schools, transportation, how to bargain, where to dine, which Spa to pick, how to choose among the variety of fruits and learn how to cook using local products, how to survive the tropical humidity and enjoy exotic wildlife, as well as many other things.

If there is anything else you want to know about Koh Samui and Thailand and we have not covered that yet - please do not hesitate and contact us and we'll fix that by adding an article to our website.





Weather forecast for Koh Samui
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