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All the best for children

Samui is a playground for kids. Shallow coast line, waves if there are any, are soft and small, clean air, rural life style but at the same time there is a well-developed infrastructure on the island.

So lets think of what we can do for you to make the time you will spend with your kids on island unforgivable.

1.       What is the best season in Samui.

All the year round the temperature is about 30 degrees. High prices are usually expected on the New Year's Eve and are kept high until April. That is what we call High Season. Prices also might rise up on August-September as many people have holidays at that period.

2.       Let's say you have arrived to Thailand. Now you've got 3 options:

Bangkok. Before heading to a certain destination which you might have already picked for yourself, you can at least take a tour around the capital of Thailand. Shopping is a good option but it is best to do it on your way back. Though you might still want to buy some clothes as they are pretty cheap here.

Pattaya. You are being seduced by the neon lights, wild rhythms, sex and ladyboys shows. You might want to spend a couple of days there but forget about the sea. And please don't tell anyone that you have been to Thailand if you have only been to Pattaya.

You decided to go to Koh Samui immediately. And here you have 5 options.

3.       Bangkok-Samui

-          On a plane by Bangkok Airways. A plane lands on the one of the most beautiful airports in Thailand. Time of flight is approximately 1 hour. The price can be about 2588 baht (until 31 March) or 3055 baht (after 1 april) and up to 4405 baht.

-          On a plane by Air Asia (1190 - 1430 baht). A plane lands in Surathani, then you must take a bus to the pier (1 hour) and then take a ferry to the island (1.5 hour).

-          A bus + catamaran (speed boat). A bus from Bangkok will take you to the speed boat which will take you across some of the most beautiful sightseeings - the islands Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.

-          Bus to Suratthani + ferry to the island. The trip takes about 10 hours, prices start from 450 baht.

-          Train to Suratthani + ferry to the island. Costs about 1000 - 1500 baht.


4.       You've made it. You are on the island. Need a transfer?

It does not matter if you came by plane or by ferry, the transfer prices are mostly the same everywhere. Take, for example Samui airport and Lamai beach. Here you've got choices:

-          Taxi at the arrival gates (600 baht).

-          A minivan which will take you to a certain hotel (150 baht).

-          Motobike taxi

-          A minivan ordered beforehand for a group of people (500 baht).

-          A car rented at the airport.

-          Private transfer at your order.


5.       Let's say you have reached your hotel. But have you booked it yet?

-          What beach would you choose to stay at?

-          You can book a room beforehand at the lowest prices.

-          You might want to book a room for a couple of days and take a look around searching for the most suitable variant for you. We can help you save money on moving around the island by offering a car for rent.

-          We can meet you at the airport and while driving you across the island give a full briefing on the available hotels.

-          It does not have to be a hotel. There is a huge private sector offering houses for rent all around the island.

-          For a group of people we offer a big variety of luxurious villas.


6.       Moving around the island. How would you prefer it?

-          Motobike for rent. Starting from 130 baht. In some cases we can deliver a bike to your hotel. We can arrange that you won't have to leave your passport as a deposit.

-          Car for rent. Starting from 500 baht. It can be done in advance and your car will be waiting for you at the airport.


7.       Ok, you have found the right hotel for yourself. You have been living in it for a while, now you might need some sightseeing. We are at your services.

-          A "must have" package for everyone. Our personal recommendation is - Angthong Marine Park for sure, others are optional.

8. Having fun? Great! But your children still need to study or to communicate with other children. Here are the best schools and kindergartens at your services.

Secondary education in Thailand is based on the scheme of 6+3+3:

6 years - primary school, 3 years - lower secondary school, 3 years - upper secondary school. A free 12 years education is guaranteed by the constitution and the 9 years education term is obligatory.

There is a number of private schools in Thailand including international schools. Here is a list of schools available with short descriptions http://www.learn4good.com/great_schools/children_schools_thailand.htm

More than that there is a big number of British and American schools which have opened their branches in Thailand. That is why there are more and more parents all around the world, thinking about their kids getting an education in the country of everlasting summer.

The biggest number of international schools is in Bangkok, but there are also international schools on the island where your children can easily continue their education.

These schools are:

Blue Water - International School of Samui: http://bluewatersamui.com/About_Us.html
PanyaDee - The British School of Samui: http://www.panyadee.ac.th/
Oonrak - Koh Samui Primary School: http://www.oonraksamui.com/
SCL - Samui Center of Learning: http://www.samuicentreoflearning.com/
Open Gates - Koh Samui International School:

Most of the listed schools have classes for children of preschool age, but you can also find playschools and nurseries in Samui.  

1.       Tonkra Nurcery - a kindergarten situated on Maenam beach. Working time 7am - 6pm, 6 days a week. Full price is 4000 baht a month but you may choose to pay per week or per day. Tel: +66 (0) 77 247 600. Mobile +66 (0) 81 894 1329              

2.       Sunshine Tots Playschool - situated in Bophut. Open for children from 1 to 5 years old. This kindergarten is based on British preschool system of education - Early Years Foundation Stage. Open 5 days a week, 9 am - 4 pm. Prices vary, you can check on the website http://samui-playschool.vpweb.co.uk/default.html

10. Do your children like water slides? We got them for you!

Coco Splash is a waterpark in Lamai Beach and is designed for kids of all ages.

The  facility has a splash pool, jacuzzi, water slides and staff which will closely look after the kids. Thai and Western food is also served here at very reasonable prices.

Waterpark is a good place to meet other families on the island and your children will be able find new friends there.

The price is 200 baht for one person, if you want a discount you can purchase a membership.

You can see the details on the facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/COCO-Splash/179017478808833

or visit their website http://samuiwaterpark.com/index.html.

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