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Frequently asked questions, part 1

Hello our inquisitive friends!
We love you for reading this!

A few quick links:

1. Weather

2. The trip to Koh Samui

3. The sea and the beaches

4. Rent

The remaining sections of the "Frequently Asked Questions" category, such as Rental Transport, Money, Internet and Telephony, Food and Miscellaneous - are here.

1. Weather
For the most questions about the weather the answers are here.
But those of your favorite questions shall be answered right here:

When is the rainy season in Koh Samui?

Due to the geographical location of the island the rainy season is not that intense, it falls on the late-autumn period and does not coincide with the rainy season on the other islands and the mainland of Thailand.
At the same time no one is safe from weather anomalies, which has occurred, for example, in March 2011, when just before the beginning of the dry season (April-May, and this applies to the entire territory of the Kingdom) there were severe floods that affected the entire southern part of Thailand.

2. The trip to Koh Samui

Are there non-stop flights?

International non-stop flights to Koh Samui are not yet arranged.
You can fly directly to Phuket, or Pattaya, and from there get to Koh Samui.
Or the standard route - flight to Bangkok (the most popular routes and carriers are here), and then (by any of the means described here) to Koh Samui.
Direct flight from Bangkok to Samui is carried by two airlines: Thai and Bangkok Air. You will arrive at a beautiful boutique airport, owned by Bangkok Air.

Should I buy a ticket from Bangkok to Koh Samui (Bangkok Air) now, or should I wait and buy before the flight, what will be cheaper?

There is a general rule that applies to all flights (Bangkok Air, Thai, Air Asia and NokAir to Samui, to Nakhon Si Tamarat or Surattani (the cities on the mainland, not far from the ferry to Samui): the longer the period prior to the travel, the cheaper a ticket is.
Also, from time to time there are special offers valid for a certain period of time. Watch for announcements on the websites of the major air carriers.

Can you help us with the purchase of tickets for 6 people?

Actually, we do not sell tickets. But if you have any unusual situation in which you do not have the opportunity to buy tickets by yourself, please contact us. We will try to help you.
However, if you're just too lazy to look for suitable flight and you want someone else to do it for you - then there is nothing we can do.

Can you meet us at the airport in Koh Samui?

Yes. In most cases, at the airport you are met by the representatives of the landlord (the owner of the house or villa that you have booked). Please tell us in advance the flight number and time of your arrival.
Also, you can get to the place on your own. But that only applies to the hotels.
There are several options to choose (for example lets take Lamai Beach):

  •     Taxi, at the airport (600 baht)
  •     Minibus shuttle to a selected hotel (150 baht per person), tickets - at the desk at the airport.
  •     Taxis at «meeting point» (400 baht)
  •     Motorcycle taxi (on duty outside the airport, at the nearest "7-eleven»)
  •     Reserved vehicle for a group of people (500 baht) - order via our website.
  •     Rent a car at the airport (800 baht per day) - order via our website or directly at the car rental companies.
  •     Private transfer on request (500 baht) - order via our website.

What is the address that I should give to the driver?

Giving the address would be rather useless (even if you managed to learn and remember it). You will need the name of the hotel area / beach, where it is located, or a phone number. If you are heading not to a hotel, but to the rented house / villa only a phone call to the owners of the house can help.

If you booked a hotel but did not order any transfer services directly from the hotel, as a rule, you only need to give the address to a taxi driver (make sure you are understood correctly).

Also in advance, before you leave, it does not hurt to study a map of the island to be at least roughly familiar with the beach which you are heading to, what benchmarks (other hotels, some special features that stand out among other buildings of the place) are there close to it.

Nobody is going to drive in circles, winding kilometers (nobody drives here"by the meter" so it just does not make any sense). If you are brought to the wrong destination then you will need a phone number of the hotel, give it to the taxi driver, he will call them and find out everything. Reception number is usually specified in an e-mail confirming the reservation.

We booked a house / villa through your site, got to Koh Samui, what shall we do next?

The situation here is simple - good hosts (and we only work with reliable land and house owners), as a rule will meet the guests themselves. Therefore, at the airport you will be awaited with a sign that says your name or the name of the villa / complex of houses / apartments. You shall be taken straight to the place where you pay the remaining amount for accommodation, make a deposit (if it has been agreed upon) and enjoy your stay. In most cases, the house owners would give you some time to take a rest from the road before finishing the payment procedure.

How difficult is it with a small child to reach the island by ferry (arriving in Bangkok)?

The ferry trip is not that difficult, it takes only 1.5 hours. It is more difficult to get to this ferry. It is usually a bus or train (sometimes - a flight to Nakhon Si Tamarat or Surattani). It is rather cold in the bus and there are only seats there, whereas the train has beds and you can sleep there. But it's almost 12 hours of travel, so it is up to you to decide how difficult such a road trip will be for your child.

Are there recumbent seats in a Lompraya boat?

Formally, at any ferry, except for the special night ones,there are no beds. Even at the Seatran and Raja ferries where there are combined seats without armrests, which you can theoretically use to stretch out at full length, there are signs saying that it is not allowed to lay on those seats. However, you can see what kind of seats there are on the Lompraya ferry.

Can you help to book a train ticket from Bangkok to Surattani?

No, we're not booking such tickets. It is easy to do it yourself online. http://www.thairailwayticket.com/
If the trip is not scheduled at the beginning of public holidays when there is a large migration of the local population, it is usually possible to buy a ticket on the morning prior to the departure at the central train station in Bangkok without any problems and queues. But if you're not mobile we advise you not to risk it. It is unlikely that you have memorized all the local festivals prepared for the wave-like migration.
Very detailed information about trains, types of cars and other things is here.

3. The sea and beaches

For the most of the questions about the sea and the beaches there has been given very detailed answers in the "Beaches of Koh Samui" category. Also we would advise not to read an article, "The beaches of Koh Samui," which not only gives a general idea of what ​​the beaches look like, but also says about many other aspects of the stay on Koh Samui.

For each beach (and we have described for you not only Chaweng and Lamai, but also got into the most hidden and secret little places on Samui) there is a detailed description of coastal features, what's the sand looks like, what is located nearby, water transparency and level of crowd. Also, for every beach we have shot several videos showing "how it is in there". We were even purposely shooting on a cloudy day and often at low tide. After all, at the high tide, and in bright sunlight all the beaches of the island would be the same wonderful. But our purpose was to show it the way it really is.

Is there any Beach fee?

No, all beaches in Thailand belong to the state, and they can be used by everyone without any restrictions.
However the sunloungers might not be free.
Some of the bars on the beach (for example, at the beach such Chpengmon ) may have their own sun chairs and umbrellas, but most often the bar has a sign that announces that their customers can use the sunbeds for free. The rest will be asked to pay. Typically, about 50-100 baht.

The sunbeds of the hotels where you are not staying at can not be used. But you can discuss this with the staff and if the hotel has no particularly regulations in this regard it is usually possible to come to an agreement - for a fee or for purchasing a drink at the bar. The same applies to the use of the hotel swimming pool - usually you're allowed to swim there if you buy a drink at the bar. They might even bring you a towel so that you do not stand out too much among the other guests.

You can always come with your towel to any beach in front of any hotel and enjoy your sunbathing lying on the sand. This works even for the most luxurious hotels and even the ones which have blocked their territory and declared that the passage through is restricted.

Is the sea more salty than the Mediterranean?

Mediterranean sea, particularly in the area of ​​the coast of Turkey, seams more salty and bitter than the water in the Gulf of Siam, where even the eye contact with the water does not cause any noticeable discomfort.

Near the place where we will stay there is a river that flows into the sea. How's the water? Is there any smell?

As a rule, the water in the river comes from the hills from precipitation. That means that the river is the usual rainwater. When rains are very strong, the soil may get washed out and then the water will get a bit muddy. But this does not happen that often, otherwise, all the rivers would have grown up to be of an incredibly large size and would have completely destroyed the coast.
The smell and the mosquitoes are in the river when there is no rain and the water stagnates.

In the western part of the Maenam beach there is a Lompraya pier - is the water muddy there?

At Maenam, as well as on some other beaches of  Koh Samui, the water is rather muddy. Always. That is its peculiarity. In the area of ​​the Lomprayi pier the water is no worse than in other places in Maenam.
A common myth is that if there is a boat the water will have fuel in it.

Are there waves on the Lamai beach in December and January?

Yes, during this period in the east of the island there are waves almost all along the coast much to our excitement. Only here and only in this period, you can jump in the waves. However, they are not those dangerous waves as in Phuket.
The sighs that prohibit swimming are posted here very rarely, only when the sea is really at a storm.

4. Rent

How to book and pay for the chosen option of the house / villa?

Step by step guide is here.
But first you need to register on the website. This will make the communication easier.

The options are so numerous that we don't know what to choose. Can you recommend something to us?

In order to suggest you anything we shall need to know the details of your trip.
To learn how to make a request for our recommendation please read here.

How do I know if the house is available on the certain date?

At the end of each house description there is a calendar. Red marked are the dates when the accommodation is unavailable (only the confirmed information from the owners that someone has made a reservation).
If the desired dates of the house are not marked red, then there may be two options:
- We have recently made a request to this house and it really is free (but that could change - the house is not considered reserved until the owner has received the money)
- Recently we have not yet made a request to this house. By default, all dates are marked as "free."

Accordingly, when you choose a specific option that is not occupied on the desired date, send an inquiry to us. We will contact the owner to ask if the house is available, and if the house is free we start working on its reservation.

Can I request availability and the final price for all 25 options that we like?

Fortunately, we do not have managers and secretaries who would disturb the property owners, first asking for information and after that canceling the request.
Therefore, our answer is: No.
Please, choose no more than 3-5 preferred options and report them to us. If none of them will do (not available, the final price, etc.) we shall go on to the next group of selected options.

How much is the deposit for the house reservations?

The amount of deposit depends on the owner and is set in each case individually. It depends on the season and the duration of the lease and many other factors as well. Therefore, in advance, without a specific request, we can not say how much of a prepaymentyou will need to make. From 30% to 100%. Villas owners tend to require 100% of advance payment several weeks prior to arrival.

What are the requisites and which currency should I use to make a prepayment?

Requisite elements are given by the owner of a house or by the villa management, especially when it comes to large sums.

If the owner does not have a bank account or for some reason can not accept a transfer from abroad or you can not or do not want to send money to him directly, we can provide you with our own requisite elements (Russian or Thai bank).
The amount of payment is announced in Thai Baht. That is, all banking transactions must be completed in one result - with the Thai baht in cash.

What should I write in the payment details?


How do I calculate the sum of money to transfer to you so that you receive the exact amount for the reservation (it is stated in Thai baht)?

For the calculation please use the currencies rates. Thai baht to-date rates are here.
With bank transfer there may be slightly different numbers. It is better to make a stock by sending a bit more than you need.
When the final payment will be taken into account not a single baht will be lost.

We have transferred the money, but due to the bank mistake it took them five days to be transferred to your account. During this time the house has been intercepted. What should I do? Is the money gone?

The first thing is - change the bank. For the future.
If the money came to our account they are safe and sound and we can either return it to you in the same way, or use it to pay for another option that you can choose. If the money is sent to the owner's account - it will be returned back to you.

I made a reservation, paid a deposit, but could not arrive. Can I return the advance payment (deposit)?

If the owner has already received the money, we will do our best to get it back to you. However, if there were no one to take the house that you chose, then, alas, it is not likely that the owner will be willing to return the deposit. That's what the deposit is for - confirmation of the reservation.

What kind of contract is signed when renting? Can you send me a standard form?

After the payment is received by the owner of the house, we will send you an e-mail confirmation - an usual e-mail (we can send a "voucher", which is valid for obtaining a visa to Thailand, if for some reason you need it).
Lease Agreement is not signed. With very few exceptions. You can make a careful attempt to do so at the time of settling in.
In any case - playing legal games with Thais in Thailand - is that what you really need?

With the house owners and with our clients we work exclusively on trust and value our reputation.

The price that is stated on the website. For what  period and for how many people is it?

Everywhere, and it's not just the houses for rent category, in all sections, we provide the lowest possible price.
The price is as unified as possible in order to make it easier to compare and specify it in the advanced search (a search for houses and villas).

In the "Villa" category, the price is stated per day for the whole villa in low season.

The term "low season", as it turned out, requires a separate explanation.
It's no secret that as in any resort there is a concept of "Seasons", which has little to do with the weather seasons. Like everything else in a market economy this depends on the seasonality of demand and supply.
Therefore, despite some similarities and common principles (Christmas and New Year will be the "peak season" everywhere in the world), each owner selects a season at their discretion, which leads to the changes of the rent price. Some owners can set one and the same price in April as well as in the end of December. Some may change the price twice a year - for winter and summer. And someone could jump back and forth 7-8 times during the year.
In order to make it clear what the price will be (roughly (!), because the final price is still reported on request) at the end of the description of each villa there is a table of prices

Some owners indicate price in U.S. dollars or euros, but for convenience we state it in Thai baht (according to the exchange rate at the date of adding the villa into our catalog). Accordingly, if there happens a considerable fluctuations in the currency market, the price will be different.
Once again: The final price and the amount of the deposit for the reservation is stated by the owner on request! 

Maximum number of guests is specified in the description of the villa. The availability and the cost of an extra bed (extra guests at the villa) is also indicated in the description.

Some villas can be rented in parts. Such a possibility is not provided to all the villas, but if such an option is provided, it will be stated on the website. The title of such villas usually looks like this: "Villa Peerapat (4 bedrooms)." Despite the fact that the villa has 4 bedrooms (it is stated in the description), also in the catalog you will see a villa, titled as "Villa Peerapat (3 bedrooms)"), it can be rented by all four or only three bedrooms. The price for a partial rent will be cheaper, it is listed in the table at the end of the respective descriptions.

In the "hotels" category the price is stated per night, it is minimum possible for this hotel (obviously, depending on the level of luxury of the accommodation the price will be different, and in different seasons the price of the same room will fluctuate).

In "houses" and "apartments" categories the price is stated per month for the rent of the whole house or apartment.
Note: For a month!
Not "the cost of monthly rent for a year," and not the "price per day, multiplied by 30 days."
The cost of a daily (if possible), weekly rent, etc. is listed in the description, after the additional options. Maximum amount of people is automatically considered by the number of beds.

Despite the price indicated on the website, the final price depends on the owner and is confermed upon a specific request so it may be somewhat different. It concerns not only houses, but also villas and apartments.
It also depends on the peculiarities of the request (dates, seasonality, as they are interpreted by a specific owner, short and long term rental... in the end the owners may just be in a much needed of money and decide to raise the price)

The price for rent per month is lower than the price per week, multiplied by 4. We booked the house for three weeks, and the owner said that the cost is higher than as if we have stayed there for a month. Why is it so?

This is "Thai arithmetics" Plus, the laws of the market, there is always a "wholesale" discount. According to these same rules when booking and paying in advance for a long period (3, 6 months or a year) there should be a good discount. If you can not make an advance payment for such a long period, but you are confident in your plans, we can agree on a deposit, guaranteeing a long stay, and the simultaneous reduction of monthly rental fees. But be prepared to lose the deposit if plans change and you move out before the agreed deadline. Some of the owners offer a free 12-th month rather than discounts for a "Long stay".

As for the usual vacation, (short term lease) there are following calculations:
If you book two or three weeks, the price of the week indicated on the website is multiplied by the number of weeks. If you book for 13 days, the owners can multiply the daily price on 13, and may give you the price per week plus 6 days of rent, or round up to two weeks and count on the weekly rate multiplied by two.   Of course, you have to bargain and that is what we always do, defending the interests of our clients.
If you cheat and book the house for a month and actually stay there for 20-25 days you can get a proper scandal.

Do I need any other deposit besides paying for the entire term of the lease?

Typically, the owners who would require such a deposit, indicate this in the description of the house/villa, and this information is available on our website. This deposit is made to guarantee the safety of furniture and household appliances, as well as bills for electricity and water ( Internet if it is separate from the rental price is usually paid for beforehand). Deposit shall be refunded upon departure when all the bills are paid and the owner took back the house.

Water, electricity and Internet - how is the price calculated? Daily, per person or else?

All the information on these calculations is usually listed in the detailed description of each house or villa. Generally, if water and electricity are charged separately, the calculation is done on the actual flow rate (on the meter). For the use of the pool (some times a separate fee is taken) - per each person. Internet - a fixed price for the period of the whole house / villa rental.

Water and electricity fee (rates per cubic meter and kilowatt) in all the houses are different. It depends not only on the owners, but also on the area of the house, whether it uses the municipal water supply, or its own well, how high in the mountains it is, etc.

How do I know how far it is to the beach / shops / river?

In the description of each house and villas we specify the real state of things. Therefore, if the owner of the villa indicates in the description that "there is only 5 minutes walk to the beach" but in reality there is a mile in a straight line, or all five through the jungle, then we shall specify that "it is only possible to get to the beach by a transport, preferably on the SUV ".

Where is the house located geographically? How far from the road / airport / busy public areas?

We have tried to put the location of each house on the map in the description (there might be no map, but we're working on it). Yes, the map is rather small, but you can get the general idea.

Is it possible to get a more detailed information and some more pictures?

We do not hide anything, and all the information, photos and all that we have is there on our website. If there is a specific question or a need to clarify something important - we will do it for you.

Is it possible to contact the owner of the house? Or the comunacation goes through you?

Yes, prior to your arrival, all communication go through us. In fact, we see no reason why you may need these direct contacts. In any case, we do not hide the real names of the houses and villas and those reading this article at least can use the Internet. Want to find the owners - you will find them. But in that case you will lose us.

What about the garbage? Where should it be taken to?

At the villas are taking care of the garbage disposal - it is the duty of the staff who keep it clean. When renting a house where there is no such staff or if there is an urgent need to take out the trash at the villa bring it to the nearest trash can. These bins are placed along the ring road and streets (called Soi) that go deep into the island.

Is there a spare linen in the house or should I buy it myself?

As a rule, in all villas the bed linen and towels are regularly replaced and cleaned by the caring staff. When renting a house, the owners often give a complete set of linen and one towel. You are gonna have to wash it yourself (there are laundry rooms at every corner and there is a service "Express Wash" when everything is done in a few hours).
In the houses where there is an official cleaning staff of the residential complex they often change and wash bed linen and towels.

How much does your service in helping of the choosing of the house cost?

For you our services are free. We get the commission (usually around 10%) from the property owner after the transaction. That is why we will be pleased when after you have received all the consultations and all the information you need you do not go to the other agency.
It is all about the karma, believe it or not. We do believe. And the final decisions - they're all yours.

How is the settling in arranged?

The owner meets you personally (see "The trip to Koh Samui"), gives you the keys, together you check the electricity meter, pay the remaining part of the rent price, get a check for payment and settles in a house / villa. In case of any overlaps or confusion - you have all of our contact numbers, call us - we'll handle it.

Is such an option possible: When I get to Samui, we shall take a ride around and see the possible variants?

That is possible.
But  there are a few things to consider:
- Choose all the variants in advance on the website so that we don't have to drive around at random.
- Keep in mind the current "season" (and the "high season" is not only the New Year holidays). Upon arrival it may well be that all the selected options have already been occupied.
- Think again, perhaps it is better  to get back to the variant of reservation PRIOR to arrival on the island.

How much time in advance should I make a reservation, so that it is not too late?

The sooner the better. Booking is done on the principle of "who pays first gets the house". The reservation for some of the very good and famous villas for the New Year's Eve has been planned two or three years ahead.

What is the situation with all the small living creatures in the houses? Are there any? Spiders, snakes, rats, etc.

We have not seen any rats. Honestly. Been looking for them but never seen them. Spiders might occasionally come into the house. But they are never going to attack you. Try to gently, without unnecessary sudden movements, with a broom, move the guest outside. The same scheme applies to the flying cockroaches (sometimes they are drawn to the light) and other insects.

But in general - you can protect yourself from small and medium-small flying and crawling living creatures by using mosquito nets on the windows, locking the doors and sealing the gaps underneath.
More information about the situation with the crawling creatures such as ants is given here and here.

Snakes do not usually crawl to the house, especially if the house is standing on stilts and the snake would have to be crawling up the stairs, then ... Is it that crazy!?

Inside the houses (and even in the expensive resorts) you may find harmless geckos that feed on flying insects. Do not worry, they will not fall on your head at night while running across the ceiling. They might poop a little, but that is all they can do.
But this is nature, not a metropolis. To be close to it you have to pay the price, even like that.

To be continued!

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