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How to book a house or a villa

In order to book an accommodation, you will have to choose it first. 1. You can pick it by yourself using 'Advanced Search'

- houses: http://samuidays.com/category/580/?extsearch=1
- villas: http://samuidays.com/category/579/?extsearch=1

2. You can make a request and we will help you with options.
How to make a request

3. We will contact the owners and managers to clarify the availability, costs and  the possibility of booking on the dates requested.
Each of such requests can be processed during 1 to 5 days. If it has been more than 5 days, we advise you to send a request for the other options. Except when the owners asked us to wait and we reported it to you.

4. Prepayment is required for reservations. Prepayment amount depends on the owner or the manager and the specific dates of booking.

5. You choose the method of transferring the money, the currency. If the owner of the house does not have a bank account we help them to receive the money using our own account.

6. The fact of the money transfer does not yet imply a conformation of the booking of the house.

7. You wait about 7 days until the owner has confirmed the booking. In case if the conformation has been delayed more than a week (and there were cases when the conformation took more than a month), you may request another house, but from our experience, we are independently monitoring the risk to lose the house, taking all the aspects into consideration and eventually settling you in that house.

8. We respond to the emails with questions about the process of the booking of the house preferring not to tell the whole story about how heroically we are overcoming obstacles in order to make it happen.

9. During the reservation of a house the following principle works - who paid first got it booked. If you did not make it, the funds are returned or retained untill another reservation.

10. After having received the confirmation of booking (please see paragraph 7 and not paragraph 5), we can send you a voucher required for a visa procedure. Frankly, we can send the voucher at any moment, because it does not affect the settlement, it is simply an assistance in obtaining of a visa.

11. After you get the conformation you will receive the directions on how to organize the meeting at the airport and our coordinates.
We work on trust and value our reputation.

12. In case of a mutual agreement on refund, we are doing this in a period of 2 weeks to 1 month.

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