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Advanced search in this category - search for villas in Koh Samui based on availability and other parameters.

Villa - first and foremost is the privacy and individuality. If hotels and resorts are a constant flow of tourists, a villa is your home, brought to the tropics, plus service. For a period of time you are the owner of your villa, in contrast to the hotels and resorts where this is hardly possible. And who would be the best to advise you how to rent a villa in Koh Samui? Those who already own a villa on Koh Samui. We will introduce you to them.

Samuidays Co., Ltd works directly with the villa owners and management companies. We will pick a villa for you, as well as provide information support here on the island for free.

All the prices are stated per night, in the low season. The commission is not taken from the client.

Advanced search in this category

Why of all places in Thailand villas on Koh Samui are the most attractive? Because in here you can still find natural deserted beaches and pristine hills in their unspoiled form. At the same time the island boasts modern infrastructure with supermarkets, hospitals and restaurants.

Villas on the beach are built in such areas where there are no high-rise hotels and tourist lounges placed in four rows. Villas in the mountains of Koh Samui - a jungle fruit aroma, clean air, stunning scenery and it is never too steep for your car. Thailand also gives a sense of a perfect combination of holiday and peaceful life near the local population, that welcomes its guests with a smile. Renting a villa in Thailand - an everlasting holiday, that makes you want to come back here every year.


For the case if you are on Samui or will be here in few days, please, call directly to one of our representatives to appoint a meeting:


They will show you available options according your requirements and will help you with booking.

If you need an airport/pier transfer, please, contact tel. +66-95-031-59-85 or just call to our office number, tel. 077-953-018.

If you are just planning your trip, you can make a booking on our website or send a booking inquiry to our email request@samuidays.com.

Please, let us know following information:

1. Number of bedrooms
2. Number of beds
3. Number of guests, who will stay there (adults, children, ages of children)
4. Budget on renting
5. Dates of travelling
6. What kind of transportation will you use in Samui
7. Examples of favorite houses

Advanced search of houses on our website: http://samuidays.com/category/580/?extsearch=1

Advanced search of apartments: http://samuidays.com/category/581/?extsearch=1

Advanced search of villas: http://samuidays.com/category/579/?extsearch=1

Our manager will reply you during the day.
If you do not see the answer, please, check your spam, sometimes emails are perceived as a spam due to content of links to offers.

Thank you for booking with us!

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