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Bang Kao, Natien Beach


Bang Kao, Natien Beach
Bang Kao, Natien Beach
Bang Kao, Natien Beach
Bang Kao, Natien Beach

These beaches are situated on the South of the island in its central part. They are fenced with Laem So cape from west and Laem Set beach from east.

From cape Laem So you will clearly see all the Suratthani coastline, Bang Kao bay and all nearby islands. No doubts this is the best place to enjoy the sunset. More than that it is one of the places where you can also enjoy sunrise from the same spot.

The length of Natien and Bang Kao beaches is about 5 km. Many locals live here and as it has been for generations what they mostly do here is fishing.

Bang Kao bay shore is rather sloppy and the sand is rather soft. That makes the beaches suitable for evening walks, meditations, yoga practicing. Even those who like snorkeling will find a good spot to swim near a big coral reef.

Deeper into the island you will find a temple Wat Kunaram, and one of the most interesting sightseeing on the island - a mummified monk. He died 30 years ago while meditating and is still being preserved in that pose.

Further down the main road you will find two wonderful waterfalls Namuang  #1 and  #2. Same road will lead you to the Paradise Park, located in the center of the island.

Among other sight seeings we would like to point out Pagoda Laem Sor. That is definitely the place where you might want to make a photo. Not far away from there you will find another mummified monk. This time it is a monument made in honor of local fishermen. On the same cape, but a little farther from Bang Kao beach you can visit a white pagoda Khao Chedi which has recently been restored.  

Also don't miss the Aquarium and Tiger ZOO, and the Butterfly Garden, your kids are definitely going to like it.

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