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Bang Por


Bang Por
Bang Por
Bang Por
Bang Por
Bang Por
Bang Por
Bang Por
Bang Por
Bang Por
Bang Por

Bang Por beach is a beautiful place for a peaceful and secluded rest. Length of the beach is about 6 km. Some parts of the beach are covered with sand, some are covered with rocks but both are beautiful in its own way.

Bang Por beach is located on the north-west of the island. It begins with cape Laem Yai on the north and ends 2 km before the cape Laem Na from which Maenam territory begins.

These 2 kilometers left between Laem Na and Bang Por are usually attributed to Bang Por territory but in fact they belong to Ban Tai beach. As a proof you can see the name Ban Tai in addresses of the local resorts.

The water in this area is clean and not deep. Rocks and corrals are frequently encountered here. You can see different kinds of fish here if swimming a bit farther from the shore.

This place is one of the favorites among the local fishermen; therefore there is always a number of fishermen boats along the banks.

Koh Phangan is partly visible from this part of the island. Sunset is also visible but on the very left side of the beach. Though it doesn't make it any less beautiful.

Ring road is situated rather close to the beach line, in most parts they are separated only by a house or a café. On the East side you will find Coconut villas - rather expensive high standard accommodations but those seeking cheaper houses might also find something to their likings.

If you consider staying in the central part of the beach you are strongly recommended to rent some transport as it is a rather long way to the nearest restaurants and shops (1-3 km.) Eastern part of the beach is more populated so you will easily find different kinds of shops and internet café there.

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