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Buffalo fighting festival. 10 days of fights


Buffalo fighting festival. 10 days of fights
Buffalo fighting festival. 10 days of fights
Buffalo fighting festival. 10 days of fights
Buffalo fighting festival. 10 days of fights
Buffalo fighting festival. 10 days of fights

The Chaweng stadium will host a buffalo fighting festival which will take place from 22 to 31 of May 2014
Every day starting from 17-30, a new pair of horned opponents will meet at the arena, and by the end of the fight the winner (or shall we say its owners) will be awarded an impressive prize. For each pair of competitors there is a predetermined prize fund and the amounts are significant - from 200,000 to one million baht.

Buffalo fights in Thailand have nothing to do with the Spanish bullfights. Here it is a rather bloodless spectacle and the fight is held not between an animal and an armed man, but between two animals equivalent in strength and weight. In fact, "buffalo fights" should rather be called "fight-or-flight" because there are no tragic scenes or red cloth, no sharp daggers or dead animals or injured bullfighters. It is rather a struggle to establish the bull’s authority in record time.

The fights will be between water buffaloes. Their population worldwide is approximately 130 million heads, and in Thailand in 2009, there were counted about 1.3 million. The animal weights from 300 to 600 kg. Buffaloes were domesticated more than 5,000 years ago in India. They are ideal for work in rice fields, and in general are all-rounders in the household agricultural areas, but in Samui they are kept only for entertainment, because such fights are regularly held at special sites of the island. By winning, the most "authoritative" buffalos feed not only their owners, but also all those who bet on their victory (Thais, like all Asians, like gambling a lot!).

For the competition the buffalo will be richly decorated and blessed by the local monks. Before the fight starts the buffalos are separated from each other by a white canvas, so that they can’t see each other, otherwise thy might start figuring out who's in charge as soon as they get to the stadium.

Buffalo fights have been held in Thailand for a long time and have become an integral part of the local culture. In these battles, there is nothing unnatural - buffalo behave exactly as in the wild, the only difference is that just for the show their behavior is slightly directed and adjusted.

Duel ends when one of the buffalo admit defeat - or falls down unable to withstand the pressure in the battle or cowardly escapes. Then everyone congratulate the winner and its owner, who at this moment become much richer, and not only due to the prize money - the buffalo's value also rises..

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