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Turtles always come back


Turtles always come back
Turtles always come back
Turtles always come back
Turtles always come back
Turtles always come back

Turtles know no doubts. Once having found themselves near the water they always seem to know which way to go.
They are not particularly fast and easy to move on land. But after reaching deep enough into the sea would become as quick as it can get. And you won’t have time to catch a glimpse of the moving next to you vague shadow, that would quickly disappeared from the view. And you might not see them for a long time, until they are ready to get out to the shore to lay eggs.
The clutch of eggs can now be seen on the south-east coast of Koh Samui, where by the initiative of the new Banyan Tree Samui Resort (all of the information about it can be found on our website by typing in "Banyan Tree". It is so good that it is worth a look at least out of curiosity) there were five large turtles released into the sea. The purpose of this project is to revive the waters around the island, unfortunately, impoverished recently.

All five turtles have been brought here from the island of Koh Tao, where they are living in mush bigger colonies.
"All of them belong to the green turtles species (Wikipedia: Green soup turtle that lives in tropical and subtropical regions of the world ocean, especially common in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Large, carapace length from 70 to 150 cm, weight - 200 kg, rarely reaches a length of 200 cm and a weight of 400-500 kg. Despite the name, the color of the green turtle might not only be of the olive-green color, but often dark brown, with yellow and white spots and stripes), and those particular turtles are six months old ", - explains Ms. Nipawan Bussarawit, director of the Research Center for Marine and Coastal Resources in the Gulf of Thailand - "They were born on the Tao and must reside in the same region." She also said that if the turtles were released in the Andaman Sea, it would have a negative impact on their development. "Usually, we do not move the turtles from one side of the peninsula to the other."

"If you think all the turtles have left the waters of Samui long time ago, you are wrong. They still live here, "- says Ms. Nipawan, -« We are constantly receiving messages from people who have seen the turtles alive or dead. Forty years ago, the population of turtles was much larger, however, in the last decade they can hardly be found laying eggs on the beaches. Fortunately, last year, things have changed - at Koh Tao we have found four or five clutches. "
When asked why the turtles appear less and less around Koh Samui, Ms. Nipawan explained that in order to breed they need in a very peaceful environment, and the island is getting smaller and smaller. Beach Banyan Tree - one of the few places that are suitable for them, because it is secluded.

With the increase in the number of tourists, turtles go further from the shore, though there is still hope that there will be quiet beaches. "We found a clutch of 300 eggs on Koh Tao" - said Ms. Nipawan, - «We took 200 of them and took care of them, then went to release the young turtles."
Looking at all this, there is confidence that the turtles return to Samui will take place in the near future.
However, letting the turtles grow and releasing them into the sea is not all. They need to find a quiet beach to lay their eggs and somehow adapt to live together with people. But that is not so easy.
Turtles can get caught into the nets of fishing trawlers or become entangled in fishing lines with fishing rods.

"Plastic bags are very dangerous for them" - says Ms. Nipawan, - «Turtles can confuse those bags with jellyfish, which are their food, and die."
She and her team often find dead turtles, the cause of death has been swallowed plastic bags.
One of the activities of Mrs. Nipawan is to replenish the diversity of flora and fauna of the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Her team is not only breeding the sea turtles, but also clams, shrimp, and even monitors the safety and development of mangrove forests, as a part of the ecological chain of coastal waters.

Often large companies such as Banyan Tree join environmental activities, and the Center willingly gives them all the necessary resources.
"This is a very moving and solemn moment, when plants or animals fall into a new habitat and begin a new life." All of this allows us to hope that the shoreline will become as rich a life as it was before.
"There should be not only turtles but coral. Tourism development, and generally the development of the island have negative effect on corals. If you cut down trees on the land, the upper layers of the soil, no longer restrained by the roots, are being washed away by rain into rivers and streams. Muddy water flows into the sea, which has a detrimental effect on corals. "

If Koh Samui wants again to restore the thickets of corals, it is important to start treating waste water, prohibit walking on corals and anchorages in places of their growth.
"The corals around the island by 80% are discolored. But this does not mean that they are dead. Some of them can even be restored depending on the species. "
Hot weather can also cause coral bleaching, the temperature increase to 2 or even 3 ° C can lead to adverse consequences for the corals.

Meanwhile turtles are enjoying life in the surrounding waters of Koh Samui.
Banyan Tree Beach, where they were released, is quiet and safe. But the management of the hotel is not going to cut its efforts to preserve life in these waters. At the same time to the sea various species of shellfish had been. I think it was done successfully as well. It is planned to breed their own coral here, a beautiful underwater garden, which we hope will not be the only one on Samui.
The responsibility of man to the nature does not end on the ground near the water's edge - it should extend further, into the sea.
If you ever happen to see on one of the beaches of Koh Samui a small group of people carrying boxes with turtles, then you are lucky to have met Nipawan Bussarawit and her team. You may be able to see how lead by the instinct turtles find their way to the sea. And it's a wonderful sight that you will never forget.
Pictures were taken from the websites: http://ecoportal.su http://bibliotekar.ru http://www.bankoboev.ru и http://www.webdive.ru

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