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CIQ will help to catch a flight out of Bangkok


CIQ will help to catch a flight out of Bangkok
CIQ will help to catch a flight out of Bangkok
CIQ will help to catch a flight out of Bangkok
CIQ will help to catch a flight out of Bangkok
CIQ will help to catch a flight out of Bangkok
CIQ will help to catch a flight out of Bangkok
CIQ will help to catch a flight out of Bangkok

We are being asked quite often: How long does it take between flights in Bangkok? For example if between your flights, both international and local, you only have 1-2 hours, will it be enough time for you to get on the plane from Bangkok to Koh Samui? Will you be able to catch a flight from Bangkok to any other city if your flight arrives from Koh Samui to Bangkok, and an hour later you have to fly to your country?

The answer is simple - use CIQ!

CIQ - is a quick change between domestic and international flights. CIQ service is specifically designed for those passengers whose connection time between domestic and international flights is limited.

What to do if you have to fly from Samui Airport out of the country and a very short time between flights in Bangkok? So short that there is a very real chance of being late for the flight from Bangkok? After all there will always be delays in passing inspections and passport control. And if you're not a frequent visitor at the Suvarnaphumi airport, you can easily get lost in this colossus while finding the right gate for the plane from Bangkok.

Since 2007, in the Kingdom of Thailand, there has been in use a service that includes the three major services: Customs, Immigration and Quarantine - CIQ. Passing along the CIQ corridor saves time for the passengers who, due to the circumstances, have very little time to catch a flight home from Bangkok.

These rules apply to passengers traveling from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Hat Yai, Krabi or Koh Samui abroad using Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you are traveling by plane from Koh Samui by one of the local airlines to the capital of Thailand, and you have a very short period of time for the next flight from Bangkok - you are a CIQ-passenger and you can use CIQ-corridor.

Below we have described the procedure of departing from Koh Samui and then from Bangkok.

Step one.

Before the trip, take on-line registration on both flights - domestic and international. Be sure to print a boarding pass of an international flight, because without it you will not be allowed to pass through the CIQ-corridor and you might miss the plane from Bangkok.

Step two.
At the Samui Airport reception when registering luggage tell the employees that you are a CIQ-passenger and upon arrival in Bangkok you are immediately traveling abroad. You will be given a sticker, which should be fixed on your clothes.

Step three.
Upon arrival at the Suvarnabhumi Airport look around for the pointer «International Transfer for CIQ Passengers», which shows the direction for the CIQ-passengers to the international departures area. Or ask any airport employee where should a CIQ-passenger go for the outbound flight from Bangkok.
Step four.
Follow the sign «International Transfer for CIQ Passengers» to pass through the ICQ corridor to the lobby under the letter " B ".
Step five.
Complete the X-Ray Scanner check.

Step six.
Now there is only one thing left - departure from Bangkok. Wait for your flight in the waiting room at the boarding gate in airport lobbies under the letter «C», «D», «E», «F», or «G».
To find out exactly what is required at the airport lobby, have a look at your boarding pass.

If you've ever been in IKEA store then you know that there are two variants of passing through a trading floor. The first is the winding path through the shop, and the second allows you to go to the check outs in just a minute. Here you have the same short passage, but in relation to the airport. You are offered to bypass Duty Free shops and crowds of passengers who are not in the hurry, guiding you along the shortest path to the international flight boarding gate.

Information about CIQ will be useful to all those who still think of how to get from Bangkok to Koh Samui and back, and considering the option of direct flights to the island, wondering how much time might be needed for the change of flights in Bangkok.

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