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Сitrus fruit


Сitrus fruit
Сitrus fruit
Сitrus fruit

The very first citrus on Samui, that we came across with after moved to Thailand in January 2009 were the Chinese tangerines.

They are to this day in our top list of most favorite!
Unfortunately they are available here only in winter, close to the Chinese New Year.
Next, we found all sorts of varieties of local tangerines.
Thais would use them to make fresh juice on the streets of Bangkok (20 baht per 600 ml), and they are used for the local Tipco brand.

Despite the somewhat unpresentable appearance, they are very tasty, sweet and juicy.
Inside a lot of bones. Peel them just like tangerines.
They are available simply green, might look a bit unripe, but this is deceptive. Or can be yellow-green (these are also quite ripe).
Oranges are all imported from Australia and the U.S.. As a rule they are very tasty.

Now proceed to the pomelo.
Here it is not that simple.
How many times until recently, have I tried to figure the taste out, telling myself that it is healthy, all in vain.

Bitter and does not taste good!

A few times I even bought it in the supermarket where the peeled cloves are served on a plate ... – still does not taste good : (
Until one day our friends who stayed on Koh Samui for a month and were big fans of pomelo, have brought the fruit to us as a gift before leaving for Russia.
I knew that I would have to give it to someone or throw away as soon as possible.
Here it is:

It has been kept in the refrigerator in the kitchen for at least a week, until I finally opened it and decided to give it one more chance, perhaps the last one.

And it was a miracle!
The bitterness was within reason, even pleasant, but the sweetness and juiciness - Um ... it was something unbelievable!
It was such a pleasure eating it!

This is how the process goes:
First, you choose it, trying to guess what's under the 1-1.5 cm rind
Choose the fruit that is not too dry (this one has been kept for too long), pretty heavy (if it is light, its too thick inside and very little juice), slightly yellowish instead of bright green.
If you want to get the peeled one, the flesh should be red. The more red the sweeter the pomelo is.

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