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18,000 THB


Restoration – Rejuvination - Rebuilding
FOUNDATION (Intensive): Basic Program + liver flush
14, 21 or 28 days

Unique detox program with organic wild herbs:
• Destroys candida, bad bacteria and parasites in the body.
• Detoxifies, completely cleans and restores the gastrointestinal tract.
• Removes toxins and cleanses all the organs and cells.
• Restores proper functioning of the digestive system.
• Helps you lose weight naturally.
• Reduces cravings for unhealthy / unnatural food during and after the program.

WITHOUT hydro colon therapy, without prior cleansing.
The program can be performed anywhere, anytime!

Standard medicine prescribed for the Foundation program for daily use:
Flow (formula for GI) - 8 capsules per day.
Formula P (medicine against Candida and parasites) - 1 tbsp afternoon and evening.
• Formulas of organic wild herbs.
• Contains 10 times more medicinal botanical elements.
• Strong and authentic formulas created according to an ancient recipe.
• Provides 100% natural vitamins and minerals for the body.

What's inside:
Flow: Lobelia , Red Raspberry , Turkish rhubarb , fennel, goldenseal Canadian , Olive Leaf, Cayenne Pepper, Ginseng , Barberry , Bark zhostera , 100% oil of wild oregano.
Formula P: cayenne pepper , black walnut , wormwood , goldenseal Canadian Carnation , Poligonatum , Olive leaf , Yellow Dock, Black Walnut (male kidney , immature green rind ) Wormseed , Garnet , Horsetail , Pumpkin Seeds , Male fern , tansy , Bergamot , stevia pondweed , Sporýš , Natural / Vegetable Iodine , juniper berries , thyme , coriander , Dill Sweet Apple Cider Vinegar , Garlic, 100% oil of wild oregano.

Detox strengthens your ability to overcome or prevent disease and ensure good health.

Plus medication for liver flush :
Tincture of herbs to cleanse the kidneys and improve circulation - one full dropper in the morning and one in the evening.
• Dissolves and removes all of the inorganic minerals from kidneys.
• Removes heavy metals from the tissues.
Ingredients: parsley , cilantro leaves , Square Hydrangeas Square Eupatorium Purpureum , marshmallow root , ginger root , bearberry , black cherry bark , juniper berries , olive leaf , cedar berries , European goldenrod , Chanca Piedra, Wild Oregano .

Medicine to cleanse the internal organs - 1 tablespoon in the morning and in the evening
It includes traditional herbs to cleanse and restore tissues of kidneys, prostate, pancreas, heart , plus minerals of the plant origin.
Ingredients: Parsley , Root Hydrangeas Square Eupatorium Purpureum , marshmallow root , ginger root , bearberry , black cherry bark , juniper berries , Chanca Piedra, Olive Leaf, Berries / Flowers Hawthorn , Bilberry , white willow bark , Cyprus , Berries With Palmetto coriander, cedar berries , goldenrod tincture , Natural / Vegetable Iodine Wild Oregano Oil .

Vegetable oil Formula - 1 tbsp. spoon in the morning and in the evening.
Restores cardiovascular - renal balance (liver, gallbladder, heart, blood circulation ) .
Contains traditional herbs to support the liver and gall bladder, circulatory and nervous systems.
Scavenge cholesterol and maintains cholesterol balance .
Ingredients: Olive oil, sunflower oil , grape seed oil , Eupatorium Purpureum Square , marshmallow root , mullein , Skutellyariya , stevia pondweed Square , Black Walnut , Olive Leaf, wheat germ oil, avocado oil , sweet almond oil , natural iodine of the plant origin , Plant Minerals, rosehip oil , lecithin , 100% Wild Oil of Oregano and Peppermint Oil

Liver flush
We use a long-known and widely used in medicine procedure for the stones removal from the liver and gall bladder, cholesterol, parasites and other toxins. Liver flush procedure takes only one day and is repeated 3 times. Between flushing there must be a break of at least 3 days (maximum 11 days). Three flushings guarantee a full cleansing and renewal of the liver and gallbladder.

Liver flush procedure:
• Clears the liver and gallbladder.
• Improves the functioning of the liver and gallbladder.
• Prevention of possible problems / diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

Preparing for the liver flush: at least 5 days before the first flushing it is necessary to start taking Flow and Formula P medicine, and 3 days before the flushing one needs to switch to the juice or fruit diet.
Juice or fruit diet must be followed during all days of a break between flushings (3 flushings).


Meals during the program (amount of days is at your discretion):
Raw food diet - healthy and tasty food in its natural state.
Fruit diet - any fruit in any quantity.
Juice Diet - provides complete rest for the digestive system.
Green juices and smoothies - all greens are extremely good for health and has excellent taste in the right combinations.
To enhance the effect of detoxification and the deep cleaning of the body and internal organs we recommend orange juice diet - only freshly prepared orange juice (any amount), and herbal formulas. Orange juice diet you can start and finish on any day of optional programs. Instead of orange juice any other juice can be used.

Benefits of the orange juice diet:
• Removing acidic toxins from the body and internal organs.
• A source of natural sugar for the body and brain during a diet.
• Oranges contain a large amount of natural potassium and make the body more alkaline.
Juice diet along with herbal formulas restores our blood.
The more days on the diet - the better the result:
     - 3-12 days - a thorough cleansing of the body
     - 14 days – Renewal of the blood. Number of red blood cells is increased 5 times and after 14 days your blood is almost completely renewed.
      - 21 days - a complete renewal of the heart, improves skin condition, eyes become brighter and clearer.

What the program gives to you:
• Cleansing of the whole body , removing toxins from the body and internal organs.
• Removes Candida , bad bacteria and parasites.
• Reduced cravings for unhealthy / unnatural food during and after the program.
• More regular bowel movements .
• Reduced weight due to the effective removal of toxins and waste.
• Cleanse the skin from the inside naturally.
• Improved circulation - good blood circulation is one of the keys to health.
• Increased energy - cleansing the body and providing natural minerals gives energy.
• Healthy digestion - increases the body's ability to absorb and recycle nutrients, improves excretion of toxins and waste products.
• The cleaner the body - the clearer the eyes .
• Clean breath.
• Improves the general condition.
• Improves performance of the kidneys.

Before starting the program, we recommend to measure neck / chest / waist / hips - and check your weight. Check the sizes and weight during and after the program.
You can check the daily pH with one of our pH set.
Exiting the juice diet: raw fruits within 2-3 days. Papaya is very useful for stomach, watermelon in the second half of the day helps to improve kidney function.

* Note- This document is not to be used as a medical documents and is issued strictly for informational purposes. Always consult with your physician regarding any health issues. Pregnant women, people with serious illnesses and people who have recently undergone an operation can not participate in this program.
This document is protected by copyright and may not be reprinted, copied or altered without written permission © 2013

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