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Honda PCX 150

150 THB

Honda PCX 150
Honda PCX 150
Honda PCX 150
Honda PCX 150
Honda PCX 150

Honda PCX 150 is the bike that has finally been released in the late spring of 2012. Many Honda fans had been eagerly waiting for it. There was a new release for Click with 125 cc engine, SCOOPY was updated with the new name SPACY, and PCX 150 was their last addition. But being the last in line does not mean that it is less important for the Japanese motor mechanics, on the contrary, by releasing this bike they inflicted a major blow to their competitors from YAMAHA.

First of all, a brand new 150 cc engine was installed, which allowed to transfer speed limit up to 120km / h. It is noticeably easier now to climb up the steep hills and the journey to the PARADISE PARK for two persons will now be even easier. New lighting lamps has been installed so you will definitely notice the difference. The suspension has been upgraded due to the higher speed limit. A tank now opens in the opposite direction slowly and smoothly. The design remains the same, but would anyone even want to change it? Honda PCX 150, as before, is one of the most beautiful bikes in Thailand, and with the new engine it has now become the undisputed leader in this field.


Price, daily: 250 THB
Price, weekly: 1,400 THB
Price, two weeks: 2,500 THB
Price, 3 weeks: 3,500 THB
Price per month: 4,500 THB

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