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Honda PCX 150 New (model 2015)

167 THB

Honda PCX 150 New (model 2015)
Honda PCX 150 New (model 2015)
Honda PCX 150 New (model 2015)
Honda PCX 150 New (model 2015)

There are, probably, no reasons to name all the merits of a Honda PCX, since there is a simple evidence, that anyone who once tried riding it, will hardly mount some other bike afterwards. Only for the newbies we will note, that you would not really find a bike here, on Koh Samui, of such a value for money.

Let us better talk about the changes the model has seen in the mid-2014th.

So, the motor part stays the same, it has a 150cc engine as before. From past experience we can say that the power is enough to climb a steep hill with two people aboard or give a quick rush in case of necessity.

The plastic body has not changed much, while the lights got a significant upgrade: the LED lights enhance the visibility making it more clear and at a longer range. The backlights are now more noticeable in the dark. All this, without any doubt, greatly contributes to safety.

Another nice thing to come is the USB charger. Now you can recharge your cell-phone right from the motorbike (an important asset in a long trip or for those who use their phones extensively, e.g. in work purposes).

The dash panel was also slightly changed, now it has a digital clock.

To summarize, we could say that the HONDA PCX-150 is still the number 1 bike on Koh Samui and around.


It is the leader and has always been!


Price, daily: 300 THB
Price, weekly: 1,800 THB
Price, two weeks: 3,000 THB
Price, 3 weeks: 4,000 THB
Price per month: 5,000 THB

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