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Hua Thanon


Hua Thanon
Hua Thanon
Hua Thanon
Hua Thanon
Hua Thanon
Hua Thanon
Hua Thanon
Hua Thanon
Hua Thanon
Hua Thanon

Hua Thanon is situated in the south from Lamai right after the turn to the popular Grandmother and Grandfather rocks (Hin Ta & Hin Yai). Though some people still devide Hua thanon into two beaches - Rocky beach on the north and Hua Thanon itself.

Residents of the Muslim village with the same name are engaged in the same craft as before - fishing. That is the reason why tourists go here to buy the freshest seafood and for the fishing which can be organized for you by the locals.

The place is really quiet. It has some very special natural beauty. Though the beach is not quite suitable for swimming because of the distinctive low tides, shallow water and fishing boats placed along the beach.

Hua Thanon village is the place where the biggest Muslim community is situated. Here you can familiarize yourself with Muslims traditional lifestyle and visit a mosque.

There is a number of hotels and houses for rent here. The district is best suitable for a quiet relaxing rest away from the fuss. But be prepared that you will have to spend some time to find some basic stuff which can usually be bought in supermarkets.

To the north you will find two popular waterfalls Namuang 1 and 2 and before that don't forget to drop in to the Wat Kunaram - a temple with mummified monk forever frozen in his meditating pose.

To the south there will be Aquarium and Tiger Zoo, and on the northern part - legendary Hin Ta & Hin Yai. These are the rocks in the shape of genitals though you might see different.

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