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New regulations regarding "overstay"


New regulations regarding "overstay"
New regulations regarding "overstay"
New regulations regarding "overstay"

The rules regarding overstay in Thailand by those, whose visa have expired have recently changed. To figure out when you are due to leave Thailand you need to check your passport and find a date of arrival (you can find it on a stamp that was put in your passport by an emigration officer upon your arrival).

Add 30 (60, 90, depends on your type of visa) to that date and you will have an idea of when you are suppose to leave. Penalty for overstay is 500 baht per day and a total may not exceed 20000 baht. Under old regulations, a violator could pay his/her penalty and leave country with ought serious consequences (such as deportation or jail).

In September, 2010 new regulations were enforced. Now emigration officers have a right to deport you, put a stamp in your passport which will ban you from coming back to Thailand or even arrest. According to new regulations you can be sent to jail for up to 2 years, or pay 20000 baht penalty fee or both.

- Overstay up to 3 weeks (21 days) - penalty of 500 baht a day at the border. Here I'd like to add that overstay penalty will be counted starting the second day of your overstay.  For example: your visa expired on 10th, it is 15th, and penalty of 2000 will apply.

- Overstay of 3 to 6 weeks (22 to 41 days) - a penalty of 500 baht a day; arrest, deportation and "black list" insert will be up to an emigration officer on the border.

- Overstay of 6 weeks or more (42 days and up) will lead to a 20000 baht penalty.

Deportation, arrest and "black list" will be up to an emigration officer.

Be careful! Best way to deal with problems is to not allow them to happen!


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