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Kawasaki ER-6n

1,200 THB

Kawasaki ER-6n

• Compliance with EURO III
• Low saddle
• Light weight, easy handling and low cost of maintaining make this model ideal for novice riders
• Electronic panel
• Unique Style
• Lightweight wheels in the style of ZX-10R, petal brake discs
• The muffler placed under the engine helps lower the center of gravity of the motorcycle and provides a stylish look
• Ultra-compact two-cylinder inline engine provides smooth torque characteristic, especially at low and medium engine speeds
• An electronic injection system of the engine delivers the right amount of fuel.

Designed with the exclusive equipment of Kawasaki in Japanese city of Akashi, motorcycle ER-6n marks a new era for the company and Kawasaki fundamentally new opportunities both to experienced racers, and to those who previously did not want to notice the advantages of riding a motorcycle.
Being a machine for riders of all ages and skill levels, men and women, ER-6n is a motorcycle, that is at the forefront of modern design idea: it is really enjoyable to look at as well as riding it.

Thanks to its ergonomics, ideal for riders of different categories, ER-6n allow the best use of a compact two-cylinder engine and a streamlined, extremely agile chassis, providing a real pleasure to drive.
For novice riders the possibility of ER-6n will grow with their own capabilities and experience. In experienced riders this bike will awaken the essence of a thrill ride on a motorcycle, leaving them with a wide range of engine power combined with the chassis, unbeatable both in terms of appearance and from an engineering point of view.

ER-6n is the embodiment of purposeful design of Kawasaki, the design, born out of a passionate desire to offer the largest possible variety of true pleasures, which the bike ride gives.
In this age of the most diverse and attractive means of transportation motorcycle ER-6n expresses that difficult to comprehend the essence of devotion to the sense of pleasure, ecstatic thrill and freedom that provides riding on two wheels, and which is embodied in one glorious motorcycle.


Price, daily: 1,200 THB
Price, weekly: 4,900 THB
Price per month: 17,000 THB

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