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Blood donation on Koh Samui - things you need to know


Blood donation on Koh Samui - things you need to know
Blood donation on Koh Samui - things you need to know
Blood donation on Koh Samui - things you need to know

In Thailand Rh negative type of blood is extremely rare. Even in Bangkok, it is not always enough for transfusion. In case of an emergency the required plasma will be delivered to the island by plane. So if you have Rh-negative, and planning some complicated surgery or childbirth on Samui make sure in advance that in case of emergency there are people around who have that particular type of blood.

Negative blood of each group is rare among Asians and is less than 1 % among the whole population, whereas the Caucasoid population in Europe or America - can reach up to 10%. And as Samui is increasing annually the flow of tourists and the number of permanent residents on the island is growing, local hospitals are often lacking of Rh-negative blood. Voluntarily blood donation is only allowed in specially assigned places that are organized from time to time in public areas (hospitals and shopping centers) or in hospitals licensed to receive blood from volunteers. You dont get paid for the voluntary blood donation - these are the laws of Thailand.

On Koh Samui only Municipal Hospital in Nathon has such license. You can donate blood at any day during the week - from 8-30 to 15-30, on the weekend - from 8-30 to 11-00. However, the hospital does not have conditions for long-term storage of large volumes of blood, so in difficult cases where deficient blood with a negative RH is spent quickly, it is necessary to quickly replenish stocks. And it is not easy to find a blood donor.

There used to be a leaflet hanging for a long time on the doors of the immigration office. But it was a long time ago, in the year 2012, and eventually there has not been any response from the mailbox specified in the ads..

Let us recall the common notation of the blood groups that are also used in Thailand:
First negative - "O(I) Rh-"
First positive - "O(I) Rh+"
Second negative - "A(II) Rh-"
Second positive - "A(II) Rh+"
Third negative - "B(III) Rh−"
Third positive - "B(III) Rh+"
Forth negative - "AB(IV) Rh-"
Forth positive - "AB(IV) Rh+".

You can learn your blood type at the hospital before the donation. It is also specified in the military card or can be noted in the passport.

Additional useful links on the topic:
Blood donors on Koh Samui website - http://blooddonorskohsamui.com
Blood donors on Koh Samui facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/124439881100277/
Blood donors on Koh Samui facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blooddonorskohsamuicom/215622681929866

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