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Lamai beach is situated on the eastern sea coast of Samui and is rightfully referred to as the second popular beach after Chaweng. On the south of Lamai beach there is a popular tourist attraction - Hin Ta & Hin Yai - rocks in the shape of human genitals.

Lamai beach is a smooth curve of a rather wide coast line. The sand here is rather coarse but still soft. The length is about 4 km. These sands look much like those in Maenam. The beach is wide, there are lots of beach beds, small traders, umbrellas and aqua bikes.  

The coast line is quite dissimilar. It can be divided into three parts: northern, central and southern. In the northern part the sea is mostly not deep. There are plenty of corals in the water and the bottom is rather slimy.

On the contrary, in its southern part the sea is deep, though swimming here is not always comfortable because of the rocks of different shapes.

The most comfortable part of the beach is the central one. The bottom is clean here and it is rather deep.

The coast line is covered by a cape only in its northern part. That is why if a storm starts for example in June there will be same big waves as in November-December.

The territory of the beach is not as crowded as Chaweng. The beach is kept clean by the local hotels and bars owners.

If you want more action it is not necessary to go to Chaweng as there are lots of bars such as Swing bar for example which is a good alternative to Ark bar in Chaweng.

Lamai is very much built-up deep into the island. You will find all kinds of accommodations here from simple bungalows to luxurious villas and hotels.

Along the coast line there is a lively one way street - Lamai Beach Road. Clubs, shops, a big products market, massage cabinets, gyms and spas are located here.

Tesco Lotus - a supermarket that belongs to popular Thai commercial network- is situated here. So if you decide to stay in that district you won't have to  go far for shopping.

Lamai is also popular with one of the best wellness centers in Thailand - The Spa Resort http://www.thesparesorts.net/ where you will be offered not only all kinds of healthcare programs but also a healthy and tasty food. Everything is made of healthy products grown in the north of Thailand on the lands which belong to the company.

Consider yourself lucky if you stay in Lamai because it is here in this very Spa Resort you will find famous RAW Food restaurant. Another one is located in the mountains not far from the first one.

Those who support healthy lifestyle might also be interested in "Thai Organic Life" shop where you can find a big variety of products made of natural environmentally safe materials. Including that you will find pillow and matrasses made of latex. The prices are lower than those in other parts of the world. The shop is located opposite to the Spa Resort across the main road http://www.thaiorganiclife.com/index.php?page_ID=2&pages_name=Shop.

Another interesting place in Lamai is Buddy Boutique Hotel Shopping Plaza. It is situated 300 meters southward from The Spa Resort. Coco Villa supermarket will catch the fancy of those who is not satisfied enough with Big C and Tesco products variety. Don't forget to visit Mama's Burger - a cafe where they make delicious burgers at a very reasonable price.

There is a Macdonald's here also, located on the Beach Road, but who needs it anyway? It is much better if you happened to be in that area to wait until the night market opens. You can taste real Thai food there and make some shopping.

Lamai has two golf fields and its own Muai Thai stadium.

Besides all its civility Lamai still remains to be a lovely village with its original atmosphere. If to take a step aside from the tourist's routes you can get to the coconut and banana plantation. And if you are brave enough to take a mountain bike and go through the wild paths a man has never been before you might discover some really amazing views.

To sum up everything this district is recommended to those who value comfort and peace.

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