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Mr. Pancake Man


Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man
Mr. Pancake Man

The are not many people on Koh Samui who can be called "a living legend" or "a face of Samui."
Kun Lek (Khun Lek) or Mr. Pancake Man is one of those local folks who is not only famous in Samui, but also far beyond its borders. Even Trip Advisor has his own page with reviews of his work.

Kun Lek lives and works ("Khun" - "dear" or “Mr/Mrs” in Thai language) in Maenam.
For many years he has been pleasing the residents and visitors of our island with his gorgeous sweet pancakes which even worth a few kilometers trip from other areas of Samui.

He uses all the classic (for Koh Samui) fillings which are mostly sweet. You can order any option to your liking mixing together eggs, bananas, raisins, condensed milk, sugar, chocolate and caramel sauce, Nutella, any of the three kinds of jam and sprinkle it with cinnamon ... All is limited only by your imagination and the taste preferences!

There were time when Lek had been experimenting with the variety and in addition to sweet pancakes he was offering pancakes stuffed with meat, but they were not that popular so now they are not in stock any more.

Lek used to prepare for the beginning of the working day very early in the morning. He would go to the morning market buy fresh eggs, fruit and other ingredients for his roti pancakes (called Thai Pancake). Then he would start kneading the dough, which is required to be stored under the film for a couple of hours.

Every day Lek kneads enough dough for two hundred pancakes – that is exactly the amount of pancakes he will have to cook in the "evening shift"

Kun Lek starts coking his pancakes after 16 hours and ends about 22-23's, when everyone is fed. There are always lots of clients so at peak times (from about 6 to 9 pm) one might have to wait for 40-50 minutes for the order. But that does not stop anyone because

Mr. Lek’s pancakes are the most delicious on the island, their quality has always been stable and the price is the lowest in Samui.
And if most of the Samui pancakers are cooking their pancakes using mobile kitchens consisting of a working surface and a gas burner with a cooking pan installed on their motorcycles ( such mobile kitchens can ride around the island on certain routes and stay in certain places , for example, markets or weekly Walking streets ), Mr. Lek has got his own stationary cooking place in which there are tables with plastic chairs and pitchers with ice and cold water and his office room / storage area with a table and a TV. Mr.

Lek himself lives nearby - his big house is just a few yards away from the place where he is working .

His "pancake bar" is located just off the ring road, close to the T-junction, which leads to the public beach near Maenam Resort.
Google coordinate - 9.572158,99.989187.

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