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Peculiarities of local climate: living creatures inside the houses, Part 2


Peculiarities of local climate: living creatures inside the houses, Part 2
Peculiarities of local climate: living creatures inside the houses, Part 2

Here is a continuation of the article about "neighbors" that we have had a chance to meet for over two years of living on the island of Koh Samui in a rented house. There were not that many living creatures, but I will try to describe here all the things that we have encountered, so that you were not scared, if suddenly it will get under the same roof with you.

About ants and bagworms I have already told you. Now I am going to tell about the termites. We have read a lot about them but frankly were very afraid to meet some day.
However, after three years of living in Thailand we were finally "lucky" to meet them. I'll tell you how it was and what it was over (well, not quite all over, let's just say at some point).

Once in the afternoon  I have noticed sand in the kitchen.
Sand in the house on a tropical island is a common thing in general, especially if you just came from the beach. However, the sand was dark gray. And it was lying at the entrance to the kitchen, under the door. I tried to take it out, mopping the floors, but each day the sand was reappearing over and over.

Then I looked more closely and found in the doorway some kind of tunnel:

At the time it was leading through the perimeter of the door, which by the way looked quite original.
As a curious person, I stick a screwdriver into the tunnel and found out that he was hollow inside, it looked empty and consisted of grains of sand stuck together with some substance..
Just a week later in the same opening a new tunnel began to appear, and it was lengthening at a breakneck pace - about 2 meters a day!

During the day in the brightest and hottest time of day there were no activity, but at night I managed to finally see the builders:

And I even shoot two short little videos where they were at work:

Having taken a close look at our uninvited guests, we came to a conclusion that those were termites, then we used Google translator and typed in a word "termites" in Thai, then  we went to the owner of the house, thinking that he would be very upset with the news. However, he took the news calmly, said that the neighboring house in his village also had termites, so we are going to need to buy a spray here:

and sprinkle the trail. After that termites will leave.

We bought it. Sprinkled it.
In fact, termites were gone in a no time:

We breathed freely, hoping to  get rid of this misfortune for good.

However, it seems that if these creatures came, it is forever. And now, from time to time we find similar tunnels on one doorway, then on another ... A few days ago they were seen in the bathroom on the inside of the sink.
I wonder where they get all that sand from?
I suspect that they gradually erode the cement base and floors of the house (although classically termites are being afraid of because they destroy wooden houses, eating them from the inside).
The good news in all of this is only one: we are renting the house, and after some time will just get out of here. While the rest of the house is good, it fits our needs perfectly and people like it (layout, convenience, location, and the price / quality).

As the curtain falls – I give you the contact of one of the companies that are engaged in getting rid of unwanted creatures in houses and apartments on Koh Samui: ECOPEST SAMUI. Tel: 0857 912 496 or 077 430508,'s www.ecopestsamui.com
But in general, there are quite a few of these companies on Koh Samui - Google it, or ask you Thai friends as well the owners of house that you rent.

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