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Phang Ka


Phang Ka
Phang Ka
Phang Ka
Phang Ka
Phang Ka
Phang Ka
Phang Ka
Phang Ka
Phang Ka
Phang Ka

Phang Ka is one of the most remotely located places on Samui, situated on the south-west of the island. Phang Ka beach appears to be a small sharp curve hidden in a quiet bay of Laem Hin Khom, surrounded by hills and covered with real jungle.

Most tourists do not even know about this place.

Along the beach line the bottom is rather shallow though the sand is very soft but still swimming here is not recommended.

Southern part of the beach is used as a fishing place and a dock for fisherman's boats. In the northern part you will find private villas and a few hotels. So relax, you are more likely to find a snake or a scorpion here than a farang tourist.

By the way the only snake farm on Samui is located here near the ring road. You can entertain yourself with snake shows and cock fighting there.

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