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Trips between beaches

20 THB

Trips between beaches
Trips between beaches
Trips between beaches
Trips between beaches
Trips between beaches

Current prices at 2015 are:

A trip within one beach or from the end of one beach to the beginning of another usually costs 20 baht per person. That is the minimum price of a trip anywhere on the island. Even if it is only 200 meters.

-          A trip from the center of Maenam to Makro - 40 baht per person.

-          Same trip to Tesco Lotus at Chaweng will cost 50 baht.

-          Same trip to any part of the Chaweng beach will cost 50 baht. Same price will be if going from Nathon to Maenam, Bang Por or Big Buddha

The farthest trip you can make without changing your "tuk-tuk" is Nathon-Lamai,  Nathon Chaweng. That will cost 60 baht.

You may come across the situation when you will be asked a price a bit higher then the one stated above. Usually the explanation is that these prices are for local people.

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