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Samrong Bay


Samrong Bay
Samrong Bay
Samrong Bay
Samrong Bay
Samrong Bay
Samrong Bay
Samrong Bay

This bay is the one closest to Koh Phangan - only 8.5 km. and is located in the northern part of the island. Samrong bay is situated in the cape of the same name. The beach line is about 200 meters of hard-grained sand surrounded by picturesque cliffs which protect this bay from winds and waves. There are big rocks on the banks and on the bottom so be careful.

This bay is also the most expensive one as there you will find the most expensive hotel on the Samui island.

Not many people know about Samrong, that is why the bay is called "secret" sometimes. So besides crystal clear water, beautiful beach and coconut trees you are guaranteed to find quiet and peaceful place for relaxation here. The only things that might spoil it a little are the planes which take off every hour in 5 km from there.

There are not many shops around so in most cases you will have to get out to Choeng Mon located in 2 km nearby, to buy some products.

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