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Samui Storage


Samui Storage
Samui Storage
Samui Storage
Samui Storage
Samui Storage
Samui Storage
Samui Storage
Samui Storage
Samui Storage
Samui Storage
Samui Storage

Did you know that Koh Samui has a warehouse for storage where you can keep your things for a while?

It might be useful in the following cases:
- You have purchased a house or apartment and staying there for some time yourself , and the rest of the year you are giving it for rent so your personal items needed to be stored somewhere. 
- You come to Samui regularly and for the time you are leaving for your homeland , you need to store your personal items;
- You have something that now you do not need , but certainly will need it the near future , but that something is taking some vital space bringing some discomfort to living in the house ;
- You have something of value that you would like to keep protected, and you don’t want to keep it in the house , but the bank vault is not an option for you ;
- You have a motorcycle, car or boat, you need to keep it under supervision while you are not using them ( you're away , or simply do not use them every day).

In all these cases, it makes sense to use services of a company which is professionally engaged in storage of things - http://www.samuistorage.co/
They are offering a rent of a mailbox on Koh Samui (PO box), and you can indicate their postal address, when you need to send a parcel to Koh Samui.
Once they get a package or a mailing in your name, they will immediately notify you by e- mail or by phone.
Your mailbox will all that time be in a protected area and will be closed.
For more information call 083-3928049 .

Google -coordinate - 9.450808,100.000803

P.S. If any of the readers of the articles have used the services of the storage facility - please leave a comment in a section below this article.
Your experience will be useful to someone .

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