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Taxi rates on Koh Samui will be cheaper starting from August 12, 2014


Taxi rates on Koh Samui will be cheaper starting from August 12, 2014
Taxi rates on Koh Samui will be cheaper starting from August 12, 2014
Taxi rates on Koh Samui will be cheaper starting from August 12, 2014

Military authorities continue to restore order in the country - on July 4, 2014 The National Council for Peace and Order has ordered all taxis on Koh Samui equipped with meters to submit to the general rules.

Therefore all the official taxis on Koh Samui will be obliged to work by the meter starting from August 12, 2014 (the date is timed to the Mother's Day in Thailand and the 82-nd Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit).

  • So, from August 12, 2014 on Koh Samui the taxi fares will be calculated as follows:
  • The service charge - 50 baht. This figure is indicated on the taxi door label and is what the further cost of the trip starts from.

Each kilometer - 12 baht. These rates have been agreed and approved by the agreement between the municipality of Koh Samui and Koh Samui Tourism Association.

Those taxi drivers, who violate the law, overpricing the trip or not using the meter during the trip, will be prosecuted. To oversee the execution of the agreement tourists are advised to report any problems with the taxi drivers, by making a call at the local number 1155 (this is the phone number of the tourist police) or at 077-414-231, or by email: tac_samui@hotmail.com or samuitourism@gmail.com

In the message you will be asked to indicate the number of the taxi license, the route, your name and nationality.

We want to remind that in the past few years on Koh Samui there have been many disputes over the taxi work - taxi drivers refused to go by meters and used "fixed" pricing system. In spite of the officials' decisions, these decisions were never satisfied and the taxi drivers on Koh Samui continued working by their own rules. We hope that this time, this order, coming from the military leadership of the country will be executed.

Update on August 19, 2014.

In reality the majority of taxi drivers are refusing to go by the meter and are still naming the same price. When mentioning a call to the tourist police (as we were advised by the military authorities), most of them quickly disappear from the scene and some (especially near the supermarkets) would just laugh and might even try to give you a phone to make a call. The thing is that the penalty for such negligent taxi drivers is very symbolic - a 200 baht fine..

However, there are also taxi drivers, who agree to use the meter or reduce the fixed price to the amounts that are very close to what it would look like when traveling by the meter. For example, a trip from Big C to the Maenam 1st soi cost 150 baht as a fixed priced and the same trip, but this time from Tesco (Chaweng) using the meter - 152 baht (50 is the starting point, then 6.6 km - which is 102 baht altogether, plus 50 - the service charge). With the "old rates" such a trip would cost 400 baht, and after a fierce bargaining it might probably be reduced to only 300 baht. 

From conversations with taxi drivers: they expect that the rates in the near future will once again be reconsidered - making it a little more than 100 baht for getting in, the price for a kilometer is expected to be 15 baht, and on top of that there will be the same service charge of 50 baht. The taxi drivers justify these figures that the taxi on Koh Samui can drive only on gasoline, which is more expensive on the island than on the mainland. Comparing prices for taxi on Koh Samui with Bangkok is pointless because the metropolitan taxi use gas (on Samui it is impossible yet), which is almost five times cheaper.

UPDT: As it turned out (and quite expectedly), taxi drivers are not to be trusted. Koh Samui has Liquefied petroleum gas stations and there are taxi on the island that are driving on that type of fuel. Those cars are marked (usually somewhere in the back) with the LPG icon:


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