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Taling Ngam


Taling Ngam
Taling Ngam
Taling Ngam
Taling Ngam
Taling Ngam
Taling Ngam
Taling Ngam
Taling Ngam
Taling Ngam
Taling Ngam
Taling Ngam

Taling Ngam is the beach located right after a small cape where Lipa Noi beach ends. It is also called the beach of five islands which you can clearly see from there. This part of the island is situated far away from airport and Chaweng beach, so quietness is guaranteed.

Taling Ngam is indeed a place of paradise, one of the most romantic and beautiful beaches with a great view on the gulf. A perfect place for those who are looking for a complete solitude. This place has fine sand and the water is so clear, a good place if you like snorkeling.

You could call Taling Ngam a perfect beach, the only disadvantage is the shallow water along the banks. But if you are a fan of fishing it is a good place for that.

Though Taling Ngam is still remains untouched by civilization and the fisherman village still looks the way it was before tourists came to the island you may still find a good accommodation here. The variants vary from simple bungalows and houses to luxurious villas and 1st class hotels. Here you may find the most expensive villas on the whole island. But you won't see them from the road as they are carefully hidden in the tropic green.

Outside the hotels territoty the infrastructure is not developed. You won't find the annoying sellers on the beach and there is no night life here.

From here you can easily get to Namuang waterfalls where you can also enjoy elephant tracking.

If you want to get to the beach near the Kiri Wongkaram temple you need to go through the Elephant's gates.

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