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I always wanted to try this particular fruit (strictly speaking it is not a fruit but a plant of the legume family, but for some reasons only recently decided to buy it.
Because frankly speaking it looks kinda... unpresentable.
On the tree it looks like this:

This is a photo from Wikipedia.
The shops and fruit markets would sell it as follows:

Альбом: фрукты-овощи

It was rather difficult to find a single piece of this fruit to taste it, and I didn’t dare to buy a lot at once.
So when I saw that box in Makro, that was only 30 baht – bought it right away.

Now I can tell everything in detail and with photos.
For those interested - information about grams and percentages:

And that it should be stored in the refrigerator.
Do not quite understand why? After all, they sell it on the street, or in departments where there is no refrigeration.
However slightly chilled it is even tastier.

Some general information about the tamarind.

Food use:
Tamarind fruit pulp is used in the preparation of curry pastes and spicy soups. In addition to the tamarind sauce, which goes well with shrimps, tamarind is added to various dishes (like pad thai) and sauces to give them sour-sweet fruit flavors.

For example, this spice is a part of the well-known Worcestershire sauce.

Альбом: Полезности для кухни

Ripe sweet tamarind is used for making juices, drinks and jams.
Adding sugar, pepper and other spices you will get Thai snacks and sweets.
You can also make a tamarind and apple compote.
The immature pods are eaten both fresh and dried.
If you want to make "tamarind water" take a ripe tamarind fruit, remove the seeds from the pulp and finely chop it. Boil the meat in a small amount of water until it is soft and does not fall apart (about 10 minutes, the proportion of water and pulp is 1:1). Then squeeze through a sieve all the liquids. Now you can use it in cooking.
"Tamarind water" can be stored in the refrigerator in a porcelain or glass container for about a week. The dried concentrate can be stored indefinitely long.

Medical use:
Tamarind mousse - mild laxative agent which acts by a delaying fluid in the intestinal.
Other medical application does not refer to the fruit, but to the bark of a tree and its leaves.

The nutrients:
Organic acid - tartaric, citric and lactic acid, vitamin C, and invert sugar, fat, protein and calcium (!) And some iron.
Here it is, the handsome tamarind:

Thick shells, which, however, are easily broken with fingers, protect the pulp and seeds.

The outer fibers extending along the entire fruit, remove it and you can eat it.

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