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Treetop cable ride

1,800 THB

Treetop cable ride
Treetop cable ride
Treetop cable ride
The Treetop has 6 stations where the rider can complete his/her ride. The length of the cable for the 6 stations is 850 meters. 
The Sky Fox program is as follows: 3 hours duration. The 4WD picks-up the guests from the hotel and takes them to the Namuang 2 district. Everyone must ride the practice line before starting. The guests climb the first ladder and start the 600 meter journey sliding from platform to platform, climbing ladders to each station and walking across the rope and bamboo bridges. Adrenalin packed. The guests hike 10 minutes to the largest waterfall on the island for a cool refreshing swim.

Guests are escorted back to the hotel by the Sky Fox driver. Each guest receives a complimentary chilled bottle of water upon arrival and another if he or she should request one. Each rider of the Sky Fox wears a Safety helmet, harness and safety gloves. The attendants supervise the dressing of each guest. When riding the sky fox, one of the attendants ride first and another last so that there is always a trained person at each platform, clipping and unclipping safety ropes.

Each cable line is used by one person at a time. 100 people are able to ride the Sky Fox in a day. The Sky Fox harness holds up to 1000 kilograms. Children may ride the Sky Fox if they are 8 years and over accompanied by a parent. Sky Fox is insured by AIG General Insurance. (Thailand Limited)

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