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Education Visa on Koh Samui


Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui
Education Visa on Koh Samui

Due to the tightening of long-term stay in Thailand on tourist visas and the agreements on visa-free entry it has become more and more popular to "study" and receiving long-term educational visas. In May of 2014, the Thai immigration authorities have taken significant steps on regulating the stay of foreigners in the country. After the military came to power, this process recieved a support in every possible way. The results were total banning of the Border runs, tougher sanctions for overstay, as well as the prohibition of being in the country as a tourist on tourist visas over 90 days during the allowed 180.

You may find that there are exceptions to these rules, when people manage to make one Border run, or to activate a second or even a third entry of a tourist visa, therefore extending their total period of stay in Thailand up to 6 or 9 months. All this is explained by a random chance in a particular checkpoint at a particular time. Because at the same time with all these "exceptions" there have been many people in a situation when at the border their visa gets canceled and they have to leave the country. Moreover only a tourist visa can get canceled, but also an educational one, if their owners are too obviously skipping their classes, spending too much time on the road instead of studying or can not pass a simple test of knowledge.

We would like to remindthat in addition to using a student visa, if you want to stay on Koh Samui longer you have the following options: Trustees visa (if your child is studying at school), Retirement visa (if you are over 50 years old and have the financial means) Working visa (if the local employer is willing to employ you officially) or Business visa.

Please note that according to the new requirements, which came into force in the summer of 2014, the annual study visa is issued if the total duration of the course is not less than 400 hours per year, and you need to attend classes at least 4 times a week!

Starting from 07.07.2014, to extend your stay in Thailand (this applies to all types of visas) at the local immigration office it is necessary to bring the following two papers:

- A copy of the certificate of registration of the property or rental contract.
- Details of the owner of the property you are currently staying in with the address and contact phone number. Samples are on the photo in the gallery of this article.

* Change in the requirements from 23.06.2014, confirmed on 12.08.2014: for obtaining a one-year student visa there must be at least 400 hours of study per year, and at least 4 days of study a week. Also, there have been cases of checks students' attendance (immigration officers can randomly come to the lessons) and checks of the students' knowledge at their next visa renewal right at the immigration offices. A three-month student visa obtained at the consulate in Thailand, can only be extended for 90 days at a time, the total period for staying on such visa (with all applicable renewals) cannot be longer than 1 year. To continue the education (on the next course) the students need to leave Thailand to get a new 3 month student visa in the consulate

Now, in July 2014, some schools have been coming up with "lessons outside the school" such as joint meetings with the teacher at the bar for the speech practice but since all these tricks are not officially authorized, it won't probably last long and might end up with that kind of school losing their licenses. We will continue monitoring the situation, and in the case of significant changes on this topic will inform you.

The information set out below in this article was up to date up to the end of June 2014 and hasn't been edited yet, as almost every day there are more and more details coming on the requirements and nuances.

New info about extention for ed-visa - http://kstvs.com/changes-at-immigration/2015/04/

So, on Koh Samui a student visa can be obtained in the following schools:
1. «Koh Samui Tutor & Vocational School» (11/8, Moo 1, Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, 84330, Thailand, tel. 077 248 228077 248 228 and 086 947 in 2883), which is located on Maenam in front of the store "75".
Their website, which is surprisingly good (for Thailand it is an extremely rare case)- http://kstvs.com/

Enrolling to courses of English or Thai language (and you can learn both at the same time), with overall duration of 180 hours, you can obtain the documentation required for a one year study visa.
You need to bring your passport, 12 photographs 3x4, a bank statement, *** and the document (copy) on education. For couples it is better to bring a marriage certificate (copy.
You can also apply for the visa without leaving your home country. All the details are on their website.

The cost of a one-year course (including the registration of all documents for a student visa, and 200 hours of study) both Thai and English languages is the same - 30 000 baht. **
And half of this amount is to be paid prior to registration. In case of the Ministry of Education or the consulate refusal, the money are refunded in full.
In this school you can learn languages without educational visa - with the cost of studying being significantly lower.

After receiving a visa permission from the Ministry of Education, you will have to visit any Thai consulate outside the Kingdom.
After receiving the visa (its cost is about 2,000 baht, or USD80), you can travel back to Thailand to begin your studies.
When first entering the country for this type of visa at the border you will get a stamp allowing a stay in the Kingdom for 90 days.
Important: at the airport, in completing the arrival forms, make sure to specify the number of the visa and check that the officer gave you a stamp of the 90 days (and not the usual 30)!

Next at the school you will be given a letter from the same Ministry, on which basis without crossing to the border, the local Office of Immigration will be giving you another 90-day visa extension permit to stay in the Kingdom.
Note: The visa itself is not renewed! You can only extend the permission to stay.

The cost of each extension - 1900 baht. The total number of possible renewals is 4. Thus, the total maximum possible term for one year student visa is 15 months.
This is a common situation at the annual student visa.
However, some schools (there were such complaints from Pattaya and Bangkok) issue documents which allow you 3 extensions instead of 4, respectively, and the total period is reduced to 12 months. So be sure to ask this in advance!

** A school called “Tutor” provides an additional service - an extension in the immigration office without the personal presence of the student. The cost of one extension is 3000 baht inclusive of all fees.
We do not believe in the absolute legality of such an operation, but this is Thailand - and there are lots of things you can do here (c).
We can add that for almost 4 years being here we have not seen any queues, which are being told about on the school's website, motivating students to benefit from this service. At maximum there were 10-12 people, and the whole procedure took no more than 1.5-2 hours including waiting during the lunch hours.

2. You can study Thai and English language in Mind Your Language school, which is located in Bophut: 142/7 Moo.1. http://www.mindyourlanguagethailand.com/index.php
Contact: mobile 087-28-46-582087-28-46-582 and office 077-96-20-88077-96-20-88. chaweng@mindyourlanguagethailand.com

Once (about a year in 2011-2012), they even had an interesting offer of Thai language learning online for only 12,500 baht per year (with 1 year ED visa).
In theory, the training should have been taken place on Skype, but in reality people were rarely having lessons at all, and students had a lot of problems with extensions.
Yes, all these problems were solved successfully, and they got extension eventually, so in the end the school stopped offering such courses.
In general, despite the story with their "cheap online courses" which has slightly spoiled the reputation of the school, Mind Your Language consistently produces a good level of teaching and always helps students in solving any visa issues if they arise. So we can quite recommend this school.

3. Thai Language School on Koh Samui or Thai Solutions (TS). http://www.thaisolutions1502.com/
The office on Koh Samui - http://www.thaisolutions1502.com/koh-samui/ 

Thai and English languages. A one-year course and a set of documents for the student visa - 28,000 baht (Thai language) or 30,000 baht (English language).
You can also choose a one-year or a half-year training with a visa for the corresponding period. Previously, the school was located near the Big C, but in the summer of 2014 they moved to Tesco, Chaweng. The office is located on the ring road, just before you reach Tesco (if you are heading from the north of the island), in the building of Banana IT computer store
Application procedure is described in English on their website - http://www.thaisolutions1502.com/koh-samui/ed-visa-samui/.
We have no reviews about this school yet.

4. A New Language school. Address: 123/152 M. 1 Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand, 84320
e-mail: anewlanguagesamui@gmail.com Tel.: 077-426981077-426981 and 087-3862-198087-3862-198 http://www.anewlanguagethailand.com/

The website has almost no information.
On request, we have managed to get some details.

There are two ways of studying the Thai language:

- A course of 90 hours / lessons (18,000 baht)
- A course of 200 hours / lessons (22,000 baht)


Remember that by law the 1 year visa is issued for a total duration of the course being not less than 180 hours! Although this school says different.
You can study every day Monday to Friday  and two or three days a week. You can choose time from 9 to 11, from 11 to 13, from 14 to 16 or from 16 to 18.
Preparation of documents will take about 4 weeks.
Every 90 days the extension is obtained in Nathon.

5. Samui Visa Consultants. Address: 140/5 Ban Bai Tong, Soi Saun Ling, Moo 1 Bophut, e-mail: visa (@) samuivisaconsultants.com, tel.: 077-430 253077-430 253 http://www.samuivisaconsultants.com
It can hardly be called a school, in fact it is a branch of Phuket company on Koh Samui that provides services only to get the documents for visas, including ED visa.
Perhaps in time the situation will change, but right now the website indicates that the extensions for Education visa one will have to obtain in the immigration in Phuket.
Price of annual student visa with (a perfect option for those who only need a visa, and not studying, and who do not mind taking a ride to Phuket every three months) is quite reasonable- 18,000 baht.

Announcements about their services appeared on Koh Samui in the first half of 2012, and their website began working only in August of the same year (a month after our request as a response to it), so we do not have any reviews about them yet.

6. WECI English Language School - a language school (English language with teachers who are native speakers), which is located close to the Namuang waterfalls.

There were no information on prices and the possibility of obtaining student visa on the website. 

7. «WaLen». A branch of the famous chain of language schools in Thailand, which opened in early 2013.

Tuition fees (January 2014) - 24,900 baht per year. Renewal in the immigration office - 3000 baht for one extension. You can study traditional Thai and English languages as well as Chinese and Spanish (it is better to specify this  information at the school).
The school is located on Bophut, opposite the cafe "Baikal", not far from the Peace Resort.
Address: 17/11-12 Bophut Road, tel +66 (0) 77310724+66 (0) 77310724 and 077310-725, e-mail: walensamui@gmail.com
Contact information was taken from their Facebook page.

*** "Bank statement confirming the availability of funds enough to stay while studying" - this requirement has appeared recently, but we have doubts about its legality, as official sources are silent about it.
In reality, some schools and the immigration office on Koh Samui may ask you to provide documentary proof of sufficient funds for living, and the amount can differ from school to school (if it was officiall, the sum would be fixed).

Please note:
Earlier, before the summer of 2014, children up to 14 years in case of an overstay had been stamped a corresponding mark in their passport, but no fee was charged. Also children overstay did not have any effect on the further entrances of the child and his parents in Thailand.
Starting from the summer of 2014 the situation has changed - the fee is still not charged, but parents might get unwanted problems in their future entries. That is, the child must also have a visa, and if necessary, he should go to the border- or visa-bounce with their parents. If the parents of the child study on Koh Samui, the child can get a Non-O visa (visa accompanying family member).

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