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Most of us have long been accustomed to drinking bottled water instead of from a regular tap. Actually, if you do not follow this simple rule in tropical countries, the risk of catching any infection increases rapidly.

To all the houses / villas / apartments offered for rent on Koh Samui, water is supplied in one of three ways:
- Municipal water supply. In different parts of the island's water quality varies, it depends on the time of year (rainfall-runoff), the state of the pipeline and other factors, sometimes the water can have impurities, discernible odor and unnatural color, for tenants such water is usually free (for home owners it is however not), but sometimes it can be paid for according to the actual flow rate - for the spent cubic meters. Current state tariffs (and they vary from region to region, and the total consumption per month) you can see here - http://www.pwa.co.th/service/tariff_rate_en.html

- Water delivery truck; specially equipped trucks with tanks bring water to houses and fill the water tank at your house, the price is 300-500 baht per car, depending on the needs of the family the owner can take up to 10 of these cars a month.
- Individual wells, the water comes from underground sources, which Samui has a lot of, most often a separate village has a separate well, you can tell that the water comes from a well by a metal tank on the water tower located right in the village. For the villagers, such water is usually free , or the price is fixed at 100-300 baht per one resident. Sometimes the water consumed is considered by the meter. It costs about 30 baht per cubic meter.

Also, an individual well may be located at a detached house / villa. In this case you have to include additional costs for electricity to pump the water. You probably will have to carry it as a tenant.
Despite the fact that the water even in municipal water system may be pure enough for drinking and cooking however it is better to use a special purified water.

Drinking water. Where to buy on Koh Samui?
1. Standard options. You can get it in any store, any brand you like you (even "EVIAN") and the desired capacity.
I will express personal opinion here - the taste of the "Cristal" water seems to be the most acceptable, even if it is a room temperature.

2. A cheaper option of bottled water. Local production.

Such water may be sold by bottles, 6-8 baht per bottle, capacity is slightly less than 1 liter. But more often it is already packaged in packs of 6 bottles.
However, it might be not convenient most of the time to bring big bottles of water from the store. So I will tell you about other options.

3. Stationary drinking water bottling points. Come with your own tank and pour. Price - 1 baht per 1 liter.

According to many, the water from these machines (in Pattaya and on Koh Samui) is the best water available, and has no impurities.
This water purified by reverse osmosis.
Nuance: at a fixed price (1 baht per 1 liter) different filling machines might be configured differently. Somewhere it will give you a bit less then one liter, and sometimes it can be around one and a half. 

4. Water in 20-liter bottles. Local production.

It can be seen poured into jars on the tables of local Thai cafes:

It is clean and safe (though due to the sun, the water can sometimes have a bit of a"plastic smell / taste").
Same goes for the ice, which is added to the glasses.
Of course, not all the cafes might meet hygiene requirements, but if you generaly trust ot some particular cafe, then the water / ice there is got to be ok.

In order to pour water into house kettles, pots and bottles it is very convenient to use a pump, which you can buy in any store or market near the road:

Both types of local water (2 and 4) can be bought in Thai not air-conditioned shops like this:

To order one of those 20-liter bottles (as in the photo, or when the bottle is made of transparent thin plastic - different companies have different tanks) it is better to talk to the owner of the house so that he could arrange the delivery for you and timely replace the empty bottles with the full ones.
Price is usually 20, maximum - 25 baht per bottle, which will be delivered to you door.
You can also arrange delivery independently and directly from the factory / shop.
In virtually every area of Koh Samui there is such factory that serves the area.
In this case, the delivery will take place at a predetermined schedule, and the cost will be about 15-17 baht per 20 liters of water.

At Maenam you can order clean water by calling 0894740830. The company is called "Save Samui"

Significant plus is that their staff speaks English, the delivery is always on time, the water is poured in a thin-walled plastic bottles.
Contact page of the manufacturer - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Samui-Drinking-Water/294964137282032
The water is purified by reverse osmosis.

Another company that delivers water, - Tulip. Tel. 08-1234-8534.
Deposit for the bottle - 100 baht. Water - 30 baht. Bottles made ​​of transparent plastic, too.
Office is located in the south of Koh Samui, but the water they carry about, not only in the south. Were seen in the area of ​​Chaweng Noi.

And finally rather amusing stuff on the same topic.
There are those kind of "cheerful" tank cars one can see around the island.

One might think that they are here to deliver the water, actually they are doing a little bit different - cleaning storm drains and sewers:

A pure water (in case of drought or any other cases) is being distributed around by those dilapidated solid blue tanks.

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