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Lat Wanorn Waterfall


Lat Wanorn Waterfall
Lat Wanorn Waterfall
Lat Wanorn Waterfall
Lat Wanorn Waterfall
Lat Wanorn Waterfall
Lat Wanorn Waterfall
Lat Wanorn Waterfall
Lat Wanorn Waterfall
Lat Wanorn Waterfall

In September 2012 with the participation of the Tourism Authority of Thailand on Koh Samui there was organized a route for eco-tourists. A nearly 6 km long cycling and pedestrian track leads from Nathon to the observation deck in the mountains, through the most beautiful places in the area of Lipa Noi.

Now this route is almost abandoned, tourists do not wander here often, and there is almost no information in Internet that such an attraction ever existed. Few people know that the eco-track is passing by one of the most unusual waterfalls on Koh Samui - Lat Wanorn Waterfall. Of all the waterfalls on Samui Lat Wanorn is the only waterfall, where water does not exactly fall, as strange as it may sound. For such natural objects there is a name "rapids" - a flat rock with water flowing along its surface.

You can get to the waterfall with any form of transport or even on foot. It is located on a relatively flat terrain, so that you will not have to climb up the stairs as it would be with Secret Falls and Namuang. From the ring road to the very Lat Wanorn there is an excellent concrete road, which is actively used by local residents. Along the way you will see a couple of resorts and one operating restaurant in the jungle. Remember where it is - it might come in handy on your way back.

You won’t miss the waterfall, because there is still a battered information booth standing in front of it. The turn from the concrete road was washed away but you can still leave your vehicle at the road. In order to get to the waterfall you will have to walk on the grass or along the bed of a small stream, where literally after 20 steps you will find yourself at the swimming area.

Lat Wanorn Waterfall deserves the attention of those who like quiet and deserted atmosphere. Nearby there are three abandoned houses, at the top of the waterfall there is nice natural scenery with large boulders and vines, as well as several dams that will please kids and their parents. Stones are not slippery, but you need to walk carefully barefoot. There are dry patches with slightly wavy surface. In these areas the rocks are polished to a mirror shine and even dry shoes can get slippery.

Right under the monolith there is a large pond with a sandy bottom one meter deep. If you walk down the stream you can find one more natural, but less attractive dam in the rocks. Once upon a time there was supposed to be an elephant trekking, which is confirmed by the scheme preserved at the stand near the parking lot.

Upstream there are two more waterfalls and four observation decks, but so far none of our employees or readers has ever been there yet.

In ten minutes from Lat Wanorn in the mountains there is a wonderful place overlooking Lipa Noi and the sunsets over the sea. On your way back right behind the restaurant there will be a hardly noticeable turn left. At the turn there will be a small pointer «Sunset Avenue», which will be repeated on each fork. The road is smooth here all along, without pits, with a few steep climbs, but suitable for all vehicles. At the end of the road you will have a fantastic view, so do not forget to take your camera.

The turn from the ring road on the secondary road, which leads to Lat Wanorn waterfall is here (9.498111, 99.947655). The parking near the waterfall is here (9.500607, 99.959749), and the waterfall is here (9.501017, 99.960227).

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