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Zong Ruea Waterfall


Zong Ruea Waterfall
Zong Ruea Waterfall
Zong Ruea Waterfall
Zong Ruea Waterfall
Zong Ruea Waterfall
Zong Ruea Waterfall

There are eleven waterfalls on Koh Samui of which only three are of an impressive scale: Namuang (both halves), Secret Falls and Hin Lad. All the others look rather modest and are not of interest to the most tourists and thereby attract a small amount of those who favor of such quiet beauty. We welcome independent travelers, and encourage their curiosity in the study of Samui. So we are going to tell you about even the least sought-after, but still interesting parts of the island.

This place is not marked neither on the free maps for the foreign tourists, nor on Google maps , not even in travelers blogs. Zong Ruea Waterfall is the weakest waterfall on Koh Samui and therefor there aren't many people who know about this place even comparing it with one of the most hardly accessible waterfalls on Samui - Tartaine waterfall. The pointer to the waterfall is set at the entrance to Nathon, it is visible only when moving from Maenam and differs from the standard bright-blue road signs.

Zong Ruea Waterfall is located inside a fruit plantation which can only be seen by climbing high on the mountain. Near the waterfall there is an abandoned farm house surrounded by a few paved walkways and a leveled area for parking. Because of the strong dependence on the rainy season, at different times of the year Zong Ruea changes its appearance radically. In April, you will find only a wet stone wall barely touched by water but in November you can see a classic waterfall though probably not the most impressive one.

Going to Zong Ruea, do not expect to see there something big. The main charm of the waterfall is its perfect privacy and easy accessibility. There are no sellers and no gift shops. Around the area there are no attributes of the tourist places. Someone comes here to read a book, someone comes for meditation, someone brings their children to have a splash under the shade of the trees.

And some never reach the waterfall just enjoying walking along the cement paths. To get to the top, you have to walk along the path that starts at the abandoned house. The trail is laid on the left side of the mountain, leading up to the thicket, to a cozy pad enclosed by rocks from all sides. In the rainy season it is filled with water, in the dry season - with sand. Since no one takes care of the trail and there aren't many visitors here - look carefully where you step and in front of you during the ascent.

There is a cute landscape that opens into the riverbed behind the parking lot. The flow in this area rolls over wide flat rocks, sometimes forming a half a meter depth backwater where even an adult can swim. For children to play here, you can use several small dams with a sandy bottom and clear water. Nearby there is no danger of falling off the cliff or sharp edges, the current is rather slow and stones are not slippery even under the wet feet.

Until recently, in order to get to the waterfall, you would have had to intensively jump along a rocky dirt road. Now up until the end there is a new concrete road suitable even for a rented car with low clearance. The road from the ring road to the waterfall takes about ten minutes.

If you decide to enrich your collection of the visited waterfalls on Samui, the easiest way is not the one on which there is a pointer with the name of the waterfall. The most convenient way to get to Zong Ruea is to turn off the ring road towards the Angthon 6 street. After turning keep driving until you reach an abandoned building in a dead end.

Where to turn from Nathon -  9.537209, 99.935930.

When you arrive to a fork of three roads (9.541453, 99.941331) - choose the one in the middle.

The list of all Koh Samui waterfalls:
1.    Namuang 1,
2.    Namuang 2,
3.    Hin Lad,
4.    Tar Nim,
5.    Tartain,
6.    Khun Si,
7.    Khow Yai,
8.    Siva Tara,
9.    Secret Falls,
10.  Lat Wanon,
11.  Zong Raue,
12.  Wang Sao Thong.

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